[NecromancerAnne] Griffin_DeLuna - Banned while not playing accused of using another account metacom

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[NecromancerAnne] Griffin_DeLuna - Banned while not playing accused of using another account metacom

Postby LunaSerg » Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:25 pm #498153

Byond account and character name: Griffin DeLuna as Rain Cavalet/Macie Vader

Banning admin: NecromancerAnne

Ban type (What are you banned from?): Permabanned from station

Ban reason and length: "You, or another user of this computer or connection (GoblinKing00015) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is: Was in metacommunications with MiniNinja68, using a fresh account and likely has more experience than indicated, or at the very least has been previously informed about the rules about metacommunications. Their other account is GoblinKing15. If it isn't them, then they are a much older account Griffindeluna or their accomplice is this account. This ban (BanID #40233) was applied by NecromancerAnne on 2019-06-13 12:35:15 during round ID 110491. This is a permanent ban."

Time ban was placed (including time zone): 5:20 Mountain Standard Time

Server you were playing when banned (Sybil or Bagil): Neither, I wasn't playing.

Your side of the story: I had woken up this morning for an early turn-around shift at my job to find that my younger cousin, who is currently at my house and on my network, has introduced my younger sister, who is also at my house and also on my network, to TGStation. Thinking nothing of it, I continued getting ready for work, only to find that as I was leaving my house a permanent ban was put on my account, my sister's account (MiniNinja68), and my cousin's account (GoblinKing00015, previously GoblinKing15, which they had lost access to). According to the ban, it is listed as having me used an alternate account to metacommunicate with either of these two as one of their accounts during a round of station. After they had frantically told me that they've been banned, they explained to me that it was sudden, with little warning, and permanent. Before my shift started, I had gone on discord to talk to Anne about it, only to be met with a curt answer after being told that they could not discuss the ban, which, while I find it to be a little annoying, I can understand. I'm a long time player and advocate of station who's played for more than a few years now without any issue regarding the rules or administration and believe that this action is not only unfair, but completely unfounded and unjustified. While I do not have access to the logs or any conversations had between Anne and either of my two family members, as I was not online, according to them there was little in the way of discussion leading up to the ban between them and Anne. I am more than aware of the rules surrounding the station and am offended that the admin responsible couldn't give me the common courtesy of talking to me before banning all accounts, especially under false pretense and considering that my cousin is completely new in terms of game time as well as this being the first time my sister picked up the game. I'm not some greytider who decided to go on a station-wide rampage in blatant disregard of server rules or in disrespect of the administrative staff; I am a frequent player that enjoys spending their time on this wacky game of ours and am someone who has developed a growing friendship with many people on the station throughout the years of my playing.

Why you think you should be unbanned: The accusations stated are unfounded and false, with the actions taken being not only done without clear, due process, but also being a clear insult to my character as a member of the TG Community.

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Re: [NecromancerAnne] Griffin_DeLuna - Banned while not playing accused of using another account metacom

Postby MortoSasye » Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:30 pm #498154

We can't handle administrative issues over discord, if you were not in game then Anne didn't had any way to communicate with you to discuss this ban.
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Re: [NecromancerAnne] Griffin_DeLuna - Banned while not playing accused of using another account metacom

Postby LunaSerg » Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:34 pm #498156

Right, I assumed that was the case, which is why I had gone and completed this ban appeal. Thank you for clarifying that administrative issues can't be discussed over discord.

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Re: [NecromancerAnne] Griffin_DeLuna - Banned while not playing accused of using another account metacom

Postby NecromancerAnne » Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:43 am #498245

Hi, thanks for making the appeal and I suppose appealing on your family's behalf. I do apologize also for the curt response but it was so that we could have this talk here and as pointed out by Morto, because I couldn't discuss the matter over discord.

At the time of making the ban I thought I was communicating with you and that you were using another account to circumvent acknowledgement of sharing play with your cousin for the sake of metacommunications, since you and your cousin were noted for this on another account. I had managed to talk with presumably your sister and they admitted to metacommunications but I had, with the evidence that I had before me, come to the conclusion that this was in fact me talking with you. Not someone completely fresh faced to the game and not realizing what they were doing in-game was against the rules.

I've since been told who you are. I don't know you personally but others have vouched for your character. And I do deeply apologize for the inconvenience, because all I had to go on was database evidence, my own investigations in-round and their actual word, all of which seemed highly suspect especially with other admins scrutinizing the findings and sharing concerns.

I'm going to remove the bans from both accounts and add a note about metacommunications and to read the rules, and a note to yours to indicate you're sharing an IP with all these accounts and who they are. You do need to be aware that your cousin was noted and informed about metacommunications previously but seemingly still did it on a new account. But I'm not holding that to any act of malice on their part, simply a mistake or having forgotten the rules.

For clarification, you can play on the same IP, sharing a household but so long as we are informed and the players do so in separate rooms. And teaching a new player via metacommunications is fine so long as we are informed and so long as it is to no in-game gain or advantage. It is usually better if a more experienced player observes for the round to the teach as a ghost, preventing them from inexplicably acting on meta information. This falls under Precedent 1 for Rule 2. Here it is:

Metacomms, the use of methods of communication outside of SS13 IC channels, is a very serious rule violation and may be met with permanent bans for all related accounts. If players are sharing the same IP or know each other in real life or the like, inform the admins first, otherwise it may look suspicious. Players are allowed to introduce new players that they know to the game but all communication and explanations should be done in game if possible. Admins can also help in these situations if requested.

Your sister attempted to clone your cousins corpse after an incident with no way of knowing where the body would have been, and had admitted that was what was doing. I genuinely thought they were acting dumb at the time. That was not the case. They didn't know any better and for that I'm sorry for having failed them on teaching them the rules about this.

A headmin can obviously disagree but I'll be rectifying the situation as soon as possible.

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Re: [NecromancerAnne] Griffin_DeLuna - Banned while not playing accused of using another account metacom

Postby Gigapuddi420 » Fri Jun 14, 2019 3:08 am #498251

NecromancerAnne wrote:all of which seemed highly suspect especially with other admins scrutinizing the findings and sharing concerns.

Figured I would chime in to confirm this, as NecromancerAnne brought up the incident in our channel to get some second and third opinions. Information we had on the database gave us the impression it was a older player and a newer player who were playing the same department and likely sharing information with one another. On the premise the older player would have had the rules on meta-communications explained to them at one point in order to have a note about sharing their IP in the past, I assumed it wasn't just a simple case of completely new players not knowing the rules.

At the very least I'm glad it has been cleared up and I too apologize for the inconvenience.
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Re: [NecromancerAnne] Griffin_DeLuna - Banned while not playing accused of using another account metacom

Postby LunaSerg » Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:04 am #498263

Thank you all for the timely reply. I appreciate all involved for having taking the time to look over and clear up this accident, and would like to apologize on my behalf for my own tone of voice when composing these last two posts of mine, my head wasn't exactly in the most patient of places given my lack of sleep and from having to do a full closing and opening shift last night to this morning. Now that I've gotten a full rest I'll be sure to clarify to the both of them what's been posted here, as well as all rules involving metacommunications that they were ignorant of. Though on another note, back when I had first introduced my cousin to the game a long while ago, I distinctly remember having told an admin at the time that I was talking with them to help in order to mentor their way through their first few rounds of station while also to avoid violating the metacommunication rules from the start, though I can't quite remember, given how long ago it was, whether it was accompanied by a ban or reprimand, as we were in a similar situation with them at my house, if all-be-it in separate rooms. Would the full set of logs of that conversation be available?

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