[Shadowlight213] Soldier 117 - Ban Appeal

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Soldier 117
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[Shadowlight213] Soldier 117 - Ban Appeal

Postby Soldier 117 » Wed Nov 20, 2019 4:08 am #524783

BYOND account: Soldier 117
Character name: Muhammed (Probably some surname I do not recall, as it was ~3 years ago)
Ban type: Server ban
Ban length: Permanent
Ban reason: "Bombed the shuttle as a non antag. Logged off when pmed. Was named muhammed, so I'm guessing this is some sort of ISIS griefing."
Time ban was placed: 2016-08-11 @ 05:08:33
Server you were playing on when banned: Not sure, as I don't remember and it doesn't say.
Round ID in which ban was placed: round ID 0 (I'm guessing this isn't accurate)
Your side of the story: I was a nefarious griefer, who attempted to shuttle grief while it was against the roles to do so, especially as a non-antag. I won't attempt to justify it as it was indisputably a justified ban.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Over 3 years have passed since the time of my banning, I no longer grief, and would like to come try out the new TG (even I have gotten a taste of some new TG code from other servers). From what I have heard the RP is decent and the code is good, and I'd love to be afforded an opportunity to play once again.
References of good conduct: Recently since around Christmas of the past year, I've played mostly on Bad Deathclaw (I know this may sound bad haha) and helped contribute to them spritewise, where I did the NCR sprite rework, as well as new Vault doors, some other clothing, objects (pre-war ammo press, reloading bench, and others), and was also a trial mod before losing interest. I don't do much there now as the population has died down significantly.

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Re: [Shadowlight213] Soldier 117 - Ban Appeal

Postby Karp » Thu Nov 28, 2019 1:37 am #526327

It's been three years ago roughly.

Enjoy the unban and the game, but make sure you behave well in the future.

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