[Kiteme] Commrade_Crusader ban appeal (3rd times the charm for format...)

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[Kiteme] Commrade_Crusader ban appeal (3rd times the charm for format...)

Postby Comrade_Crusader » Tue Nov 26, 2019 4:02 am #525853

BYOND account: <BYOND account> Commrade_Crusader

Character name: End game more like end me

Ban type: Server

Ban length: Permanent

Ban reason: Bombed the bar as a sec officer killing 2 people for no apparent reason, and disconnected right after.

Time ban was placed: 2019-10-27 21:19:11

Server you were playing on when banned: SYBIL

Round ID in which ban was placed: ID 122343

Your side of the story: This had nothing to do with me being sec. I needed to disconnect, and since my friend was on i thought it would be funny if i blew him up before i left. So I flashed him dropped the grenade i got from chemistry an stepped back.

Why you think you should be unbanned:N 1:I didn't mean to kill the second person i know that doesnt mean a whole lot but my intent was not to interrupt the flow of the game it was simply to prank my friend.
2: Since im still sort of a greenhorn to the game as a whole im still getting better at actually playing the game, and not just being an annoying little s***
3: ill pretty much nock it completely off after this. Like ive mentioned ive got a friend who plays i play with, and hes pretty much my best friend, as we know each other irl and hang out often. So i mean this with sincerity, I would hate not to play on one of the best stations with him.

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Re: [Kiteme] Commrade_Crusader ban appeal (3rd times the charm for format...)

Postby kiteme » Thu Nov 28, 2019 6:22 am #526366


The reason this was a perma ban was because of your prior two notes you had, and because you DC'd before I could talk to you.

You were a non antag who bombed an area that ended up killing 2 people. Even if "it was just a prank bro", this is still something you are not allowed to do- especially as a sec officer.

I'm going to lift the perma now that you came to the forums to explain yourself, but understand that you are on thin ice.

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