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[<Skoglol>] <Zmrd> - „Fluff text”

Postby Zmrd » Fri Mar 13, 2020 9:16 pm #549193

BYOND account: <Zmrd>
Character name: <Bald Head>
Ban type: <playing i guess>(wrongly explained)
Ban length: <Permanent>
Ban reason: <(you ment to say manually rewrite this) Metacomming with ApyrI on discor. Asked others to join them on discord in IC chat. Killed a few people together as non-antags >
Time ban was placed: <2020-03-10 19:55:17>
Server you were playing on when banned: <Event Hall>
Round ID in which ban was placed: <132122>
Your side of the story:
<i got beaten by admins captain and detective gang
the dude had megaphone in his hand and was able to hit me like 5times per second
i said fuck it
then i got assaulted by role abusing varden
i said enough i went on a spree then got beaten by another of that admin kind
and got banned becouse i was presumably communicating with that janitor or engineer
all we did with the botanists was our job then some infected varde broke in so we put him down
and then it started
all i ment with the discord whas that i could comunicate with him only for my education in botany, if you let me just plant and harvest nothing of this would have to happen, see thats what you do spawn as varden or even better captain come around and bully people and if you get beaten simply get them banned>
Why you think you should be unbanned: <the guy just got beaten>
References of good conduct: <the other two botanists ask them dean something and a guy with a bucket on his head>

what i would like to add is why do i have to tryhard this bureaucracy just wait for the next round or restart it

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Re: [<Skoglol>] <Zmrd> - „Fluff text”

Postby Timonk » Sat Mar 14, 2020 12:32 am #549312

The main focus in this ban is that you tried and presumably succeeded I meta communicating with someone to launch an coordinated attack, not that you beat someone

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Re: [<Skoglol>] <Zmrd> - „Fluff text”

Postby skoglol » Sat Mar 14, 2020 3:31 am #549341

Hi there. I had been trying to get a hold of you previous in the round but you were not responding to the admin PM's. This was regarding your name, as well as several murders you took part in with your friend. During this round you also asked someone on two different occasions to add you on discord and gave your discord tag in IC chat.

Please refer to rule 2:
Do not use information gained outside of in character means.
I.e.. metagaming. This especially refers to communication between players outside of the game via things like Skype, known as metacomms.

I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that you and Apyrl were communicating on discord about and during the round. You did not communicate using in game means when I was watcing you and you had good reason to. He also knew your location when I put you to sleep inside a locker a fair distance away from him.

Since you have decided to double down and claim you didn't, this appeal is denied. You may try again in 12 months.

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