daily ban appeal [<Skoglol>] <Zmrd> - „Fluff text”

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daily ban appeal [<Skoglol>] <Zmrd> - „Fluff text”

Postby Zmrd » Sun Mar 15, 2020 7:59 pm #549711

BYOND account: <Zmrd>
Character name: <Bald Head>
Ban type: <playing i guess>(wrongly explained)
Ban length: <Permanent>
Ban reason: <(you ment to say manually rewrite this) Metacomming with ApyrI on discor. Asked others to join them on discord in IC chat. Killed a few people together as non-antags >
Time ban was placed: <2020-03-10 19:55:17>
Server you were playing on when banned: <Event Hall>
Round ID in which ban was placed: <132122>
Your side of the story:<some scratching disease broke out and we held quarantine zone in botany some warden broke in and succeeded in infecting us so weve beaten him to the ground with my friend, luckily one of the botanists quickly came up with an antidote the warden got saved by his gang and then they started sieging us weve escaped through the back door and i wanted to add the antidote botanist on discord so he could teach me how to paly this game becouse all the tutorial on youtube are unspecific 45 mimutes talking around nothing uncut mess so i sent him my discord name hoping he would add me neither you or can prove that i did/didnt wanted to comunicate with him in this „metagaming” sense even if i did what would i theoretically achieve by that? controll over the station ? what would i do with the whole station when i dont even know how to build a chem dispenser, so the wardens started chasing us in coordinated manner, nobody asks them if theyre not metagaming, sorry theyre wardens, so what have we achieved? we, ofcourse, got in the end beaten by them and i think that everyone exept the botanist who said „im not in it with you” i thought he ment the situation, not discord so weve killed him then the head of security came in with his op role abuser armor and killed us
i had no idea the everyone banning admin tried to contact me in the chat - try to keep track of it all the plants theyr stats that usually alone fills your chat, besides i dont even read the whole spam 72size font filling the hole chat while getting „honk honk” cringe earraped by the server>
Why you think you should be unbanned: <i think that new people who have relatively no idea about what they are doing should be given a second chance just like they dont take away your driving licence immediately when speeding (-: >
References of good conduct: <2 botanists that were kindly teaching me the role>

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Re: daily ban appeal [<Skoglol>] <Zmrd> - „Fluff text”

Postby Vekter » Sun Mar 15, 2020 8:04 pm #549712

Both you and Apyr have already made ban appeals which were denied by the banning admin. Please do not open further ban appeals before the appropriate time has passed or action may be taken to remove you from the forums.
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