Tell the admins how you think they're doing.
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Please post any positive or negative feedback for the administrator here.
This is not the place to discuss ban appeals, admin complaints, or ban requests.
This is for specific feedback for this administrator.
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Re: Iain0

Post by Cimika » #602869

Universally loved as a player on Terry, Iain0 is respectful and thoughtful in how they approach administrating. Despite being pretty quiet, they seem to be the type to truck forward and do good. Good so far!
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Re: Iain0

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Terry's most beloved CMO and great admin material. Beyond thoughtful, mature and understanding.
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Re: Iain0

Post by dragomagol » #609149

I often see them keeping an eye out late at night on lowpop Terry. Friendly to talk to and not afraid to ask for help when they need it. Keep it up!
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Re: Iain0

Post by Armhulen » #615260

https://tgstation13.org/phpBB/viewtopic ... ead#unread

I think their posts in this thread are a bad look and show a bad attitude towards policy discussion
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Re: Iain0

Post by kieth4 » #615748

He's super fun to interact with ic, nothing but positivity on that end which I have great respect for. He plays an absolutely amazing cmo who I've grown to love. Outside of the game in the discord when I'm seething about some admin behaviour he always provides another angle to the discussion which I can always appreciate. His angles are often realistic and meet my perhaps hostile attitude with just facts. Honestly a great lad with a great outlook on things I hope he goes far.
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Re: Iain0

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doubts, jonathan J gupta.

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This shit is going everywhere
Everyone will know your little scheme
And we will find everyone involved
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Jonathan Gupta wrote:true
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Re: Iain0

Post by IguanaDie » #616335

Great dude, has helped me countless time, very informative, mature and cool all around. I think most of the crew appreciates you!
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Re: Iain0

Post by Shadowflame909 » #620975

Very Helpful! Did there best and did not give up on me when I got bugged out during a slightly unfair death. Truly deserves props for putting the effort in for the playerbase!
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Re: Iain0

Post by virtualmass » #621422

He's always responsive to adminhelps, even for trivial questions, and he resolves issues competently and fairly. Late night Terry is well looked after.
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Re: Iain0

Post by Riggle » #625805

A great CMO and a great admin. Level headed and nice in tickets, always there to help whenever you need it. Others have already said a lot, and I agree with them wholeheartedly. Hands down one of the best members of the team.
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Re: Iain0

Post by Bojangles » #625980

I have had no IC interactions with him that I can recall, but have had several ahelp/bwoink interactions. He remains calm & professional, explains his reasoning thoroughly, is willing to discuss details when asked, and communicates clearly & concisely. A great positive influence on the community and by far the best admin I've interacted with on any SS13 server.
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