regarding the trajectory of our community and the lrp question

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regarding the trajectory of our community and the lrp question

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this is a follow-up to my question asked in today's headmin election candidate debate. i wanted to give the opportunity for those who were not present to give their opinion, or alternatively those who were present to expand upon or discuss their original answers.

my specific prompt was this:
Hello everyone,

Do you feel that headmin platforms in recent years are aiming more and more to change the server to fit the narrative that candidates want, rather than what players may want? This specifically relates to seemingly strong opinions in this election cycle to fundamentally change how our LRP servers are administrated and what standards they are held to.

Do you feel that your platform or those of your fellow candidates could be seen as alienating or even being hostile towards to our existing LRP audiences, and how might you re-assure them to have them vote for you?

Are we at risk of creating a new playerbase to fit a community, or are we creating a community to fit our playerbase?

Thank you.
you can find the recording of me asking this question, and the responses to it, on youtube here (linked at proper time)

i understand this question is open-ended, and fairly generous in the ways it can be interpreted, to which i welcome whatever responses you may have in the way you interpret it.

best wishes,
bobbah 'bee' brown

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Re: regarding the trajectory of our community and the lrp question

Post by Sylphet » #632173

There are always going to be, and have always been, populist campaigns. It works, it gets attention to promise extreme change. Rarely does that extreme change actually go through, so I think there's still a place for moderate candidates.

I don't see my platform as one of these. Like I (poorly) said in the debate, my platform is very moderate, mainly focused on cleaning up internal processes, rules and policy, and setting up events to bring the community together. I think this is the best way to heal the community divide, without forcing two different communities that enjoy different aspects of the game to play a worse version of both for reason of "unity". LRP is a very large part of the community, and it's where I originally come from. I want to crack down on a few problem behaviours, sure. If you enjoy flipclapspinning while screaming sussy, zamn, probably don't vote for me - but as a whole, I value the freedom and pure chaos that we offer there. As headmin, and as representative of both LRP and MRP, I want to strengthen the experience on both servers, while providing opportunity for our player base to try out the other side of things.

I feel very strongly that other candidates' more radical approaches will do nothing but alienate both halves of TG, and I'm certain that my scheduled events will slowly heal our division in time. Maybe a longtime player from Manuel is burned out and hears about an interesting event on Terry. Maybe they go check it out and find something to love in the chaos and violence. A new player certainly isn't going to have server biases, and we all get replaced in time by them. If they have a reason to go check out the other servers, they'll meet people that they like over there too, and switching around will be the most natural thing in the world for them. For the longest time, I was totally a Manuel elitist, and forgot what it was that actually got me into this game. It's very easy to isolate yourself in one server here, blaming its failings on others - and it's toxic and bad for community health, as we're seeing by this being an election issue at all. I've seen on other servers the effects that it has on communities, and it's devastating. That's why helping people create positive memories off of their home server is so important.

I've been very particular in recognising that we do not have one community, but two. That's the reality, and while I think it's a bad state for things to be in, if we start making changes to compromise the experience of both sides, we will have no playerbase left at all. My approach is not traditional, but I want for people to feel reassured that what they love about TG will not be lost under me as headmin, even if my entire events platform falls apart and isn't viable. The same can't be said for other platforms.
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Re: regarding the trajectory of our community and the lrp question

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I think I have a unique perspective and I've had a lot of historical success in making predictions and even policies that are ultimately beneficial for the community. I would argue if you aren't confident enough to offer real policies that aren't just vague "Keep X the same" or "Make X better" without a clear arugmentative line on how or why you're doing that, you shouldn't be running for headmin. "Keeping the lights on" isn't good enough and basically amounts to "I'm a good person and it's my turn to be headmin because I've done my time".

We gain a mandate by proposing policies and having the population vote on those policies. That's how this is supposed to work, of course we're sculpting the server culture, we're offering them a variety of options on how they want the game to be and what they think will interest them, and they vote on it, thus granting it democratic approval. We're giving them choices to pick between, and if everyone ran on a policy of "I'll just do what the population wants" this would literally be nothing more than a popularity contest.

If your platform doesn't alienate anyone (impossible) then it doesn't do anything meaningful. Two years ago we had outright nazis in this community, and your logic could be used to defend keeping them instead of being hostile to them. We removed them and it was for the better. I think there are going to be elements of a community that aren't as important as other elements. As long as bans exist as a construct, you can't deny this is the case because we literally remove people for breaking our rules all the time. We need to decide what elements we want to encourage and what elements we want to discourage, and if you don't have a broad enough understanding of the game to offer meaningful change, you shouldn't be running as a headmin.

The only way you can justify "keep the lights on" is if you've been headmin before. I've been headmin twice before and I still don't think it's valid for me. Even Rave offers meaningful change and they kept the lights on for 6 months. This is a poor way to run for headmin. Make shit happen, give players real choices in shaping their game and don't accept populism as inherently positive.
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Re: regarding the trajectory of our community and the lrp question

Post by kieth4 » #632181

I'm going to keep it simple. I'm the platform that is there to keep LRP the way it is because I see no issue with it and feel like that's also how the majority of players feel. If you're of the same mindset cast your vote for me.
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Re: regarding the trajectory of our community and the lrp question

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There are 3 headmins voted up.

2 are ALWAYS going to be admin-biased. The host vote as delegated to the current headmins and the admin vote.

The player vote will almost always be an admin as well. That is a function of admins knowing how the system works and how to get changes, as well as how likely those changes are to happen. This gives them a marked advantage over non-admin candidates. There's actually a possibility they can get their platform implemented.

Admins are also far more aware of "bigger picture" server culture and cultural isses than individual players. Admins enforce the rules, see ahelps, participate in discussions on a weekly basis about the rules and enforcement and what's acceptable and what's not.

Thus server culture will be more defined by the will of the admin team rather than the will of the playerbase, even despite there being a player-elected headmin.

However, a LOT of admins are sweeping populists at heart. Especially when vying for the player vote. Being popular is cool and fun and ego boosting and feeds into a sense of self-superiority. That basically goes hand-in-hand with the ulterior motives for many in wanting to be a headmin. That popularity contest between egos is how the players ultimately get representation as everyone wants to be remembered as a good headmin and not as a bad headmin.

It would also be hasty to pre-suppose what the existing "LRP audience" wants, because these people are bound by no common thread and no shared definition or vision for the game except a single overarching need: To have fun.

Let us also not forget that the current player vote is MRP's darling with 95% of their time spent on Manuel. They ran on a platform of inclusivity and community unity. There is evidence that the tides are changing and that LRP players would welcome a change to put the Roleplay back into LRP. I would not cry over those we lost by making such changes, and I would welcome those we gained with open arms.

As for my own platform? It is about communication. I want to stop hiding things from the players. I want to communicate better with coders. I want to stop hiding when the headmins can't agree and leave a policy thread untouched for 2 months. I want to stop hiding when the headmins are too busy to grace a ban appeal with a response. I want to stop hiding the reasons why we reject applications. I want to stop hiding how admins work, how we're trained, how we're recruited, how decisions are made. Stop hiding that shit. Take opportunities to explain and dispel

6 months from now I want players to look back on my term and go "Huh, I kinda get it a bit better now. I understand the admin team's approach, ideas and perspectives better."

And also crush the NRP shitlers, see them driven before me and hear the lamentation of their appeals.
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Re: regarding the trajectory of our community and the lrp question

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This is topic that makes me wonder about it sometimes. I suppose in truth I feel that the best thing to do isn't always follow the most well-favored route, but in general try to keep things most true to their original purpose as possible, hopefully atleast in spirit (this philosophy is selective and not applicable to real life sometimes

One can think about the philosophy of this for a long time, so I shan't speak for long, but I believe the right attitude to take in the case of /tg/station and ss13, is trying to fulfill the experience it was created as and lived successfully as for many many years. /tg/station has always been touted as the classic ss13 experience, and this included a grade-A balanced approach for how interesting and fun things could end up playing out. It's really been a golden experience. We still have much of that now, however some areas may be a bit weaker. That's okay. I believe the Fusion Ruleset I espouse will preserve the great elements we still have, while also trying to capture the spirit of things we once had even if we lost them a little bit.
I don't feel this is just a nostalgia thing though either. Most of the greatest and most famous stories of ss13 have come from environments common to this classic style. I am invested in the longevity of the game, and for trying to preserve the robust foundations which have made this game what it is today, and for having a healthy game experience into the future as well. I think this approach best looks towards wishing to do that. For a holistic vantage point, I think this aim is really important for maintaining the vitality and integrity of the game long-term (not to say it will die without it, but that this will strengthen it greatly), many years if not hopefully decades into the future.

Also most importantly I think the classic moderate experience is super fun and interesting [and creates the most fun scenarios that attract new players to come]
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