What's the GitHub for this

Discussing the mapping/spriting/coding efforts involved in creating a version of SS13 that takes place on a planet surface. Will be finished Soon(TM)
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What's the GitHub for this

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I want to add cool stuff? Link
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Re: What's the GitHub for this

Post by Shadowflame909 » #645047

Its gone....turned to ashes...

At least cytology kept 2/3 of the mobs. (3rd one is still admin only.)
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Re: What's the GitHub for this

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No evidence
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Re: What's the GitHub for this

Post by Mothblocks » #645137

that's not the planet station repo, chill out

planet station was a kor side project
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Re: What's the GitHub for this

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legend says kor will return only when planetstation arises from the depths of concept limbo
Submitted by: sandstorm

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Re: What's the GitHub for this

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Aloraydrel wrote: Wed Jun 22, 2022 2:29 pm I want to add cool stuff? Link
What cool stuff do you want to add?
What about Planet Station speaks to you?
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