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[<StickyMayhem>] boogagoo - What I was.

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BYOND account: Boogagoo
Character name: I had a few, unsure.

Ban type: Permanent.

Ban length: Permanent.

Ban reason: "No other word for it. This player is a deranged ragedemon that can't stop breaking Rule 11 and screaming about how TG is a terrible server. Doesn't really seem to want to be here so I helped him out.

Time ban was placed: April 23rd, 2022

Server you were playing on when banned: I assume Bagil or another lower pop server.

Round ID in which ban was placed: 182049

Your side of the story: It was a bad time in my life. Lots of moving, people were leaving me. Family was far away. I couldn't cope with the loss of friends and family. I was angry, I hated my life and I felt neglected and hated by a lot of people offline and online, It was hard to move on from that, I knew I had to realize what I was going to become and try to put a stop to it and replace it with a clear mind. It might be too early or too late to try to mend things. I didn't like who I was, where I was going. This part is purely to show what I was like at the time, I am not trying to provoke any emotional response or make a sob story.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I said that it might be too early, or too late. That's your choice. I can only apologize for my behaviour but I want to make a promise that if broken, makes any appeal I'd make in the future worthless. I will not rage, I will respect the rules as they are written with good conduct and not to take any thing in the round happening to me or another player as seriously as possible, I want to be here for all good fun, not to swear at and/or scream at others, as I said I want to be better than I was and I want to prove that I can be.

References of good conduct: I want play fair, I want to at least try to keep good conduct in IC and rather wish to be fun to play with, rather than angry and contempt. This is what is the change I want to make in myself. This isn't as much as a "reference of good conduct" rather than a will to.

Anything else we should know: YogStation ban and others. I am starting here, as this is a fairly good start for me to make progress towards actually helping the community, rather than hurting it. I completely understand if you deny this appeal, my actions were inexcusable, there or here.
I am sincerely sorry for what I did, what I was, Sticky.
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