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[DISCORD] Spider_Psycho#5789

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Discord Username: Spider_Psycho#5789
Commonly Used Names: Cydya / SP / SpiderPsycho
Banning Admin: bowlofcereal#7574
Ban Reason: Image
Time Ban Was Placed: 26/1/2023 (26th January)
Your Side of the Story: Someone said that the Queen should get a headbite but instead of a headbite it should be an ass-crush. I responded by saying "queen thigh crush skull like watermelon" or something to that effect. I posted some cursed stuff before, no images, and no detailed descriptions, and was warned for it. The context for those 'offenses' being me responding to a person trying to instigate an arguement with me by using overtly comical infatuated-early-2000's-lovestruck-furry/anime-internet nonsense, and in response to a sudden surge of interest around a xenomorph penis ranking list that I was asleep during the creation of and was pinged over and over about.
Why You Think You Should Be Unbanned: Image

- According to bowlofcereal he works on a three warning system. I only recieved one warning, during which he did not even ping me or PM me telling me not to do it again. I was merely timed out for 10 or so minute (I don't know exactly how long), and considering I was busy I only noticed the last 30 seconds of it when I checked Discord again. I literally had to scroll up to see why I was timed out. Is not informing a person of their punishment/warning standard practice? Doesn't a lack of definitive comunication about the warning defeat the point of a warning? I don't know why they felt a need to write that punishment-sentencing-esque blurb in the ban contents/reason, it's not like I'd be able to see it. It doesn't help that when I tried to communicate directly with them about what happened and what to do next, they had their PMs set to friend only and denied my friend request to communicate about it.

- I'd like if there was an actual diaglogue about the ban instead of it immediately being shut down, especially considering there was no clarification of actual rules broken or the associated length or manner of punishment for rules that I've broken. I am merely working off my assumptions which doesn't help me properly understand my apparent transgressions. I'm assuming it's
Rule 3: Keep things tasteful and don't be a creep. Avoid pornography and erotic content.

NSFW content is not allowed at all. Administrators may kick or ban you at their discretion if you post this type of content.
How can I follow this rule if it does not clarify what 'erotic content' means? Pornography is clear enough, but what is 'erotic content'? Sex jokes? Images with the word 'porn' in it? The mere mention of genitalia? I've seen plenty of images, videos and text that incorporate the mention genitals or the mention of pornography and I'm sure cringeposting is full to the brim with content just shy of pornography as bait-and-switch memes or memes built around the sheer ludicrous sexual nature of the content within.

There is "haha funny" types of jokes and there's the "that's not funny", and everything the past few days you've been saying has not been funny nor appropriate in the community.
Reads as your subjective opinions of what you find humerous and what isn't humerous, or suitable for the comunity. I know there were plenty of people who found the 'horny' talk amusing, considering that there were other people doing it alongside me. Evidently the rules allow you to decide at your own discresion whether something gets to fly or not, but that frankly doesn't make this situation feel fair to me.

It's in poor taste to deflect your own transgression and try to say "well others did it so its fine if I do it". They were dealt with as well and are under the same scrutiny you are.
This is a blatant lie considering there was, again, an entire xenomorph penis ranking meme and video which continues to exist and is referenced using the bot. There is also an image macro that regularly gets posted concerning 'femstatic farts'. Clearly things get to fly and go unwarned, unpunished and unremoved. Your hurried dismissal of this strikes me as an attempt to cover up your inconsistency rather than anything else. Inconcsistency in acting on apparent transgressions isn't me trying to pawn off blame like you insinuate, but a criticism of you and or the staff's rulings or lackthereof. I'm meant to know what I've done is wrong even though far 'worse' gets by and goes unpunished, right in front of other staff's faces? Does rule 3's statement about admin discresion mean that admins reserve the right to be completely inconsistent with their rulings as well?

- I'd like you to outline exactly what I did wrong.

- I understand now that I am forbidden from posting anything vaguely sexual, which I will do henceforth, but if every other meme referencing pornography, bait-and-switch memes, boy-kissing and everything else exists, then is it not safe to say there's some cognitive dissonance going on with the rulings and the actual conduct of people on the server? There are jokes abound about NSFW topics, never any actual NSFW images.

To summarize, I want to come back to the Discord because I enjoyed conversing about the game and other topics with the people there. I will stop posting anything even remotely sexual. I accept that I have broken the rule at some point multiple times, but because the rule isn't clear to understand I don't know exactly where I crossed the line. I however feel that the ban is unfair because there is inconsistency in rulings and the actual environment and community of the Discord server, where the rules dictate a complete ban on any NSFW content, but NSFW jokes exist and are regularly mentioned, as well as the vague nature of Rule 3. My gripe is with inconsistency, I am not trying to pass blame. I feel that Rule 3 should be elaborated on as to what is considered NSFW content, and consistency on rulings should be taken more seriously.

I accept that I broke the rules but considering how vague the rule is and the lack of any definitive communication of warnings, I would prefer if the ban was lowered from an entire month to a week or so. Please do not immediately lock this appeal. There is clearly some inconsistency here and plenty to communicate about now considering I was barely communicated to about this before recieving the ban. I would like to know when this second or first warning that I never recieved was.
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Re: [DISCORD] Spider_Psycho#5789

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Hey, I'll be taking over this ban appeal.

Your previous appeal was already denied an you'll have to wait for 30 days after bowlofcereal's reply before making another one.
Please refer to our rules regarding ban appeals.
5. The minimum time between re-appealing any kind of ban is 30 days from the day the appeal was denied, unless specified otherwise.
Like he mentioned earlier, please reflect on why you were banned and once 30 days have elapsed, you may appeal the ban once more.

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