Fire Emblem Poor Choices edition - Easy Modo?

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Fire Emblem Poor Choices edition - Easy Modo?

Postby srifenbyxp » Wed Aug 14, 2019 11:20 am #507648

Boy howdy, leme tell you about this girl right here - the embodiment of Neet, the mean green meme macheen - Best Grill Bernadetta. She's a stone-cold killing machine that will FUCK - YOU - UP if you decide to be on the wrong team, lose any amount of health and she gets an instant +5 attack to her damage until she's back at full health. Bow Knight? More like Bow GOD - fuck son if she has a Long Bow watch people drop because she'll always be out of range and there's NOTHING you can do to stop her.

Also, fire emblem mixed in with persona - but you're the teacher so turn on classic mode and send anyone to their deaths if they keep fucking up in class. I find it neatto burrito because in last games once you have kids you forget all about the parents because you can selectively breed a creature far more powerful than their parents and never touch them again. My only issue is that the game is shorter than prior emblem games, If you speed run you'll most likely beat the game in a single sitting. Also to change classes you need to have a certain weapon-grade like C/B/A and there's no fully functional buddy system anymore, you can assign up to 3 buddies that will gain exp so they're not left too far behind while raising your friendship points. You can also recruit battalions to attack the enemy without getting hurt while causing some nasty fuckery like poison, AOE attack, knockback and more. There's also battalions that do buffs too like god speed +5 movement, AOE heal, and other fun stuff but you can only use these once or twice.

You can now plant food and fish in the game as well as invite your students for Tea Time, online features are basically non-existent but you get to pick up useless gear on spots where retards died in battle from their game.

All of your actions are timed depending on your PROFESSOR GRADE, the higher your grade the more shit you can do when exploring the campus or you can fight more battles before the end of the month when you and the kiddos go commit murder in the name of some loli goddess. Best way to get over the Professor Grade system is to go buy fishing bait and wait for an event where every time you fish you catch more than 1 greatly increasing you Professor Grade. There's also a undo your fuck up feature so classic mode is watered down. But then again they added in monsters with A FUCK TON OF HEALTH THAT YOU HAVE TO BEAT MULTIPLE TIMES and after the attack, they always do some fucking AOE attack. All you need to recruit other students is to have B rank with them or meet some ludicrous weapon/stat requirement, in New Game Plus spend all of your renown on your professor grade, recruit all of the students as the Gold Deer house because all according to plan.

Games considered too easy for people whos played fire emblem in the past before, the professor is the only guy who can S rank; oh and incest is a thing.

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