How to properly use Policy Discussion

Ask and discuss policy about game conduct and rules.
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How to properly use Policy Discussion

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Read this before your thread gets locked.

Policy discussion is for any of these:

Proposing a new policy (rule change)
You have an idea for a new rule/change to an existing rule and want to see it put into action. Users can comment on if they like it or not. Ultimately, the thread ends when some majority of headmins have made a ruling on putting the proposed rule into action or ignoring it.

Good example: Make catpeople valid. The thread is resolved with a unanimous headmin ruling to ignore the proposed rule.
Real life example: ... 33&t=10837 Proposed rule to make zombies act like zombies. Now enforced by treating zombies as a team antagonist.

Bad example: I hate greytiders. There isn't any proposed rule or policy change, just a statement. The thread is locked.
Real life example: ... 33&t=10759 Two threads, both about greytiding, both with endless bickering, both accomplishing nothing policy-wise because a rule change was never actually proposed.

There are exceptions to this. Threads like the bad example may be allowed to roam free for a while if the policy issue is believed to be serious enough to warrant discussion. Players and admins alike can brainstorm on a new rule or a change to existing rules to resolve the policy issue. Generally, however, these threads derail and don't end up with any good proposed new rules, so please avoid making them where you can. An example would be this thread, where an admin reaches out to players asking for help with making a big policy clarification. Another would be this thread, where a major policy issue was brought up but with no proposed solution or definite question, with the purpose of allowing players to express if they thought it was really an issue and how it could be handled. Neither thread brought about a definite meaningful solution, so hopefully this makes it clear why these types of threads should be avoided where possible.

Asking for clarification on existing policy
You saw a bad ban that waded through some grey area rules, or just aren't sure you're fully clear on a rule in the Rules page. Perhaps a rule is just worded too poorly. Your post should clearly state your question: We shouldn't have to figure out what you're asking through vague implications. Ultimately, the thread ends when a headmin clarifies the ruling on the policy in question. More headmins can weigh in or unlock the thread and continue discussion if they feel the ruling is bad, but it's usually easier to just start a new thread for policy proposals than to continue discussion in a policy question.

Good example: Are drones allowed to interact with pAIs? A headmin clarifies that they indeed are, as pAIs are specifically outlined as non-beings, but that drones still shouldn't interact with anyone else.
Real life good example: ... 33&t=10975 Player asks if nonhumans are valid to kill as Asimov roles. Is told that they follow server rule 1 but still must kill if told to via law 2.

Bad example: Why are greytiders allowed to do this? The OP doesn't have any actual policy questions and spirals into a pseudo-ban request. The thread is locked.
Real life bad example: ... 33&t=10849 The question is not clear. It cannot be answered.

Literal rules page discussion
Think a rule is poorly worded, in need of clarification, or missing from the Rules page? Let us know. We'll try to either fix it or deem it a non-issue, then resolve the thread.

Server config settings
If a server config is in need of being changed, post about it. It's best to try to make it clear why it should be changed.
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