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Ask and discuss policy about game conduct and rules.
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Policy Discussion board rules (Read before posting)

Post by Jordie0608 » #2002

Policy Discussion Board Rules
When in doubt about any of these rules, ask the mods.
1.) Global Forum rules apply
2.) Familiarise yourself with the server rules before posting here; http://tgstation13.org/wiki/Rules
3.) This is not the place to discuss bans requests, appeals, administrators or other players; that belongs in the FNR section
4.) This board is for discussing administrative policy and rules, including in-game server configuration; coding policies and rules are discussed in #coding-general (<#326831214667235328>) on the /tg/station Discord.
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Re: Policy Discussion board rules (Read before posting)

Post by TehSteveo » #241952

Posting to bring attention to these rules; especially rule three. Policy discussion is NOT a replacement for ban requests. It is also not a place to make an admin complaint or try to appeal a ban.
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Re: Policy Discussion board rules (Read before posting)

Post by lzimann » #366187

The policy section rules now reflect that server configuration is discussed here.
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Re: Policy Discussion board rules (Read before posting)

Post by Hulkamania » #499054

Amended the rules to remove "in-game" from "This board is for discussing in-game administrative policy and rules"

Reflects that the board may be used for policy discussion of any kind, including discord and the forums.
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Re: Policy Discussion board rules (Read before posting)

Post by dragomagol » #623599

Removed outdated reference to the #coderbus IRC channel and changed it to reflect that most /tg/ coding discussion happens in the #coding-general Discord channel.
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