[phuzzylodgik] big12345 multikeying

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[phuzzylodgik] big12345 multikeying

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BYOND account:[/b] <big12345>
Character name:I do not remember
Ban type:permanent
Ban reason:multikeying wint accounts big12345 enzo12345 and enzo1234567
Time ban was placed:2020-2-14
Server you were playing on when banned:/tg/Station Terry
]Round ID in which ban was placed:130246
Your side of the story:no history I was only using 3 accounts
Why you think you should be unbanned:look i didn't know what i was doing look i was kinda stupid but now i know how to play
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Re: big12345

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Ban details:
Banned from the server permanently - Multikeying with accounts Big123456, Enzo12345 & Enzo1234567. Has repeatedly used three in a single round during the last six days.
You are welcome to appeal on our forums in 365 days.

Banning admin:
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Re: [phuzzylodgik] big12345 multikeying

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I'd like to chime in and say that big12345 is currently permabanned from TGMC for griefing and lying in the resulting ahelp, then immediately reconnecting on a different account (Enzo12345) after it was clear a ban would happen.
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Re: [phuzzylodgik] big12345 multikeying

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Thank you for taking the time to appeal.

Multikeying on our servers is a zero-tolerance offense. There aren't many ways to cheat at this game but using multiple accounts during the same round is perhaps the worst way to go about doing it.

Your multikeying was not restricted to a single incident nor did you limit yourself to the use of a single alt per round.

In the month leading up to your ban, you multikeyed in 21 of the 66 rounds you played, or 31.8% of the time. In 7 of those rounds, you went so far as to log in with three different CKEYs.


Given the scale and frequency of this activity as well as the information regarding your behavior on TGMC provided by Terranaut, I'm afraid I have no choice but to deny your appeal.

You're welcome to appeal again once a year has passed on the original ban. If you're able to rack up some productive playtime on other servers and get them to vouch for you, I will likely be inclined to lift it.

Good luck out there and remember to wash your hands.

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