[TechnoAlchemist]TheWulfe Defending From Grudger/Banbaiter

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[TechnoAlchemist]TheWulfe Defending From Grudger/Banbaiter

Postby TheWulfe » Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:31 am #143189

Note Appeal

Byond account and character name: TheWulfe | August Talon
Noting admin: Technoalchemist
Note: Another instance of potential security abuse - the entire situation was messy but it ended with them murdering someone. Nothing definite here, just reference.
Time ban was placed (including time zone): 12/27 7:30ish PM EST
Prime instigator: CKey Unknown | Jessica Alvarado (RD)
Potential witness: stevethehuman | Alvin Moon (HoS) , if he even remembers that clusterfuck of a round

A little background for earlier in the round:
  • A call earlier in the round had Jessica Alvarado and Bryce Pax pussyslapping each other in the teleporter room. We detained all those present since it was sketchy for them all being there. I wanted another officer for a third witness but one never came so Jessica had to wait a bit in custody. She started being really bad with verbal abuse so I whacked her a few times, apparently she was low health since she went into crit, which was immediately healed 10 seconds later. After a search, which a hand tele had to confiscated, she was immediately released
  • A later report had the AI upload stolen, with those in the science department being prime suspects. The security team raided science in a search. Alvin Moon confiscated a death machine Robotany was building, which got science salty at security.
  • Later on the HoP said Jessica killed Ian, which made her semi-wanted with a bounty hunter on her tail
Anyway, the actual meat of the story. CJ AJ the bounty hunter caught Jessica the RD and turned her in with a badass teleporting entrance
Jessica is of course pissed and starts taunting security, with hints of a baiting tone, spouting stuff like:

Jessica Alvarado says, "Kill me, I dare you"
Jessica Alvarado says, "CC will fire all of you"

The singulo is then loose with the mime-disguised-as-CE reported near it when it happened. I leave the booking to the clusterfuck in the courtroom and go to get the singulo culprit.
Since I'm good at my job I detain the CE and take him back to the brig and find out he's a traitor mime with a voice changer. Jessica is in a cell and breaks out.

Mr. Mute (as Billy Brown) asks, "How did you found out?"
Jessica Alvarado has thrown the wirecutters.
Jessica Alvarado has thrown the wrench.
Jessica Alvarado has thrown the wrench.
Jessica Alvarado has thrown the wrench.
Mr. Mute (as Billy Brown) says, "Prisioner"
August Talon says, "Someone said you were spotted near the singulo"
Mr. Mute (as Billy Brown) is restrained, you cannot push past.
August Talon says, "Wh"
Mr. Mute (as Billy Brown) says, "Save me"

Jessica has busted her cell window down, and she beads STRAIGHT to the flamethrower that was on the warden's desk and grabs it. I'm not even assuming anything here, she has dangerous weapon, ill-intent, and I have a confirmed traitor with a license to kill if he gets freed. Of course I take her down to crit. I get the first AHelp, I assume I'm in the right here since I tell him her actions.

I go to book the mime while I leave another officer to do what I assume would be healing her before placing her in perma. I do another matter of security, only in retrospect find out she must have been freed. And what did she do with her break, did she just decide to maybe go to escape for the shuttle or do something that doesn't involve harassing security? Nope. She beaded straight back to security to instigate me.

I was in the equipment room where I recognize her and hide behind a locker to hide from a stun and issue my gas mask 'HALT!', which I think is universal for 'What you're doing is bad, immediately stop'. The room is fucking messy and has stun equipment spilled all over and the shutters to the armoury are open. She then tosses soap at me in an attempt to slip me. I yakkity sax and tase her and laser her into crit.

August Talon's Compli-o-Nator: Stop right there, criminal scum!
Jessica Alvarado has thrown the soap.
You fire the hybrid taser!
Jessica Alvarado is hit by an electrode in the head!
You put the hybrid taser into the security satchel.
You fire the laser gun!
Jessica Alvarado stammers, "R-Rud-de"
Jessica Alvarado is hit by a laser in the head!
Jessica Alvarado sneezes.
You fire the laser gun!
Jessica Alvarado is hit by a laser in the head!

A thing to note here is that once she entered crit, she IMMEDIATELY ghosted to die, where I then get another adminhelp. I know because I was shift-clicking the entire time for the exact crit point, suggesting they went after me just to die and AHelp me.

I get in a chat where I [cheekily] try to describe armed and dangerous. Techno seemed really insistent on the room right next to the shutter-open armoury (which really just makes the Armoury and Equipment Room one combined room) is not equivalent to the armoury, even if the room is chock-full of lethal stun weaponry and the actual armoury is three tiles away. This part screams a 'BUT TECH-O-NECK-LY HE WASN'T IN THE ARMOURY'.
(I admit this part was my fault since I only quoted the 'Armory' portion of that in my in-round explanation and not the full clause of Armed and Dangerous, even so I believe the portion I cited was still right.)
Armed and Dangerous - if a suspect is in possession of weapons, including stun weapons, and you have reasonable suspicion that they will use these against you, lethal force is permitted. Although in the majority of cases it is still preferable to attempt to detain them non-lethally.
Note: Unauthorised personnel in the armory are considered by default to be Armed and Dangerous, maximum force is permitted to subdue such targets.

I want this note removed on two basis:
1. Jessica had ample oppurtunity to avoid me or security. Her insistence to seek security and me out of her own will is a pattern of greytiding and potential banbaiting, which is against the rules.
2. Both cases of lethal force(to crit) were IC justified.

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Re: [TechnoAlchemist]TheWulfe Defending From Grudger/Banbait

Postby Alex Crimson » Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:49 am #143190

I could be completely wrong here, so feel free to delete this post if its inaccurate, but doesnt ghosting whilst in crit immediately invalidate any Ahelps attempting to get the killer punished? Im sure i remember admins mentioning something like that.

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Re: [TechnoAlchemist]TheWulfe Defending From Grudger/Banbait

Postby TechnoAlchemist » Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:54 am #143191

The note is for reference, since you have a history of bad escalation.

Live with the note. Go to a headmin if you want it appealed that badly.

I change my mind i'm removing the note.

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