Trialmin Review: Somepan

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Trialmin Review: Somepan

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Somepan has been a trial admin for approximately two months.

Please use this thread as public review; it's encouraged for players to comment on how well/badly the trial admin has done and whether or not they think the trial admin should be made a full admin, if they should be removed from the DB or if their promotion should be delayed.
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Re: Trialmin Review: Somepan

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Stinky. Cat. Angry. Also pretty good admin, levelheaded in tickets, and quite good at dealing with tickets in short time. Promote. (Or keep them as trialmin so I can shove tickets on them easier)
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Re: Trialmin Review: Somepan

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Great attitude in tickets and while I got off on the wrong foot with them this is a no-brainer promote
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Re: Trialmin Review: Somepan

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Extremely pleased with how they've turned out.
Somepan has progressed from someone who was attentive and learned fast as a candidate, to a successful early start on some of the rougher sides of adminning, (having to ban a friend of theirs on terry, and managing that scenario very well) and now to a very well-rounded, knowledgeable, and active trialmin who's got all the necessary qualities to be a good admin.

I think they are a little stubborn still, which is a characteristic I knew that was going to be maintained to some degree back when I was arguing for them to be accepted on as a candidate, but stubbornness can go a long way when it comes to managing a server like Terry - and being able to hold your own in an argument in admin-bus is a good thing, especially when done civilly like somepan has shown themselves to do.

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Re: Trialmin Review: Somepan

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Somepan has been promoted to Game Admin!

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