[Closed Bounty] Make Empath see more

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[Closed Bounty] Make Empath see more

Post by Shodd » #720683

20$ Cashapp or Paypal payment on PR

Empath can currently only see a few things such as stamina damage, tox damage, and combat mode(Few other things as well).

This is with the idea that Empath can be used for either more antagging and exploiting quirks more or just to see more about the people around you
What I am hoping to see is empath can see a number of quirks(not limited to ones listed below) on inspect with the following text or something along the lines:
Pushover - "They seem like a pushover"
Pacifist - "They look like they wouldn't hurt a fly"
Social Anxiety and Soft Spoken - "They seem shy"
Phobia - "They look afraid"
Skittish - "They seem skittish"
Reality Dissociation Syndrome - "They seem uneasy"

I would like more but can't think of what messages they would have on inspect such as mute, I am willing to pay more if you come up with anymore ideas.
(This is my first forums post so my bad if I did something wrong just going off other bounty post I've seen)

Have decided to learn how to do it myself and am thus closing this bounty.
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