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Post by Mothblocks » #627077

This thing makes maps, pretty cool
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Re: FastDMM

Post by Jonathan Gupta » #627202

fast dmm? please explain.
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Re: FastDMM

Post by MMMiracles » #627321

it opens DMM fast
Submitted by: sandstorm

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Re: FastDMM

Post by Thunder11 » #627326

It's not StrongDMM
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Re: FastDMM

Post by cacogen » #627527

I used StrongDMM earlier today but it's more like WeakDMM because you can't copy and paste tiles without it immediately overwriting where you paste, leading to space holes in the map if you paste in the wrong place that can't be undone using Ctrl+Z. You have to reload the map, losing any unsaved changes.

The DreamMaker map editor does not have this problem. It sucks for other reasons, e.g. load time, UI, a third thing, but being able to copy and paste things is make or break for me and with DreamMaker's editor you can copy and paste to your heart's content. Only when you deselect what you've pasted does it replace what's on the tiles underneath it. Furthermore, you can immediately undo if you've made a mistake.

It's sad that Rockdtben stopped working on FastDMM back in 2018 because maybe it would've been better?
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