on this codebase and the tgstation codebase

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on this codebase and the tgstation codebase

Post by oranges » #430176

Since some people have asked.

1) we're not officially adopting this project into our own governance structure, maintainers and contributors who wish to join this codebase are free to do so at their own will and can work on either as they feel. While I personally feel some Schadenfreude at the whole thing our codebase is committed to extending CM the same courtesy we afforded goon when they were leaked, if they want to go open source they should do so of their own volition, previous license arguments not withstanding, and we're not going to touch the leaked code (not that any of it has real relative use on /tg/ at this stage)

2) before you do rush ahead to contribute to this new codebase you should consider very strongly the following things

A) the sprites in ss13 are not virally licensed, so it's not clear to me what license any CM sprites are available under or if people can possess them at all legally (note that this is irrespective of the overall code license argument)

B) Fox merged with disney and disney's legal team really really hates unauthorised reproductions.
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Re: on this codebase and the tgstation codebase

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I will note that from the get go we didn't expect this to go under the /tg/station github. We hope in the coming weeks we will form a maintainer team from among those interested and it will eventually move towards becoming independent. The Headmins and MSO are temporarily in control while we put an administration in place to take over.

This is so early (hardly 24 hours) that a lot is subject to change.
So uhh, I'm an admin. Please leave feedback! Oops took me a while to strike that through.

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Re: on this codebase and the tgstation codebase

Post by iamgoofball » #456992

rebase to tgcode already jesus christ stop using pre rewrite bay code
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Re: on this codebase and the tgstation codebase

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CosmicScientist wrote:Rebase us then, goof, oh wait.
Very uncalled for, don't be an ass.
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