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Coding to-do list

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This is a list of coding suggestions that have been approved conceptually and if implemented correctly will be added into the game.
  • Make passing through spilled fuel increase fire_stacks and consume fuel amount.
  • Allow bodyblock while on timed actions, on non-help-intents
  • Make the decapitation surgery a bit more complicated than just sawing off to avoid mistakes.
  • Tactical reload by clicking with empty pistol on pistol ammo belt/pouch, as long as pistol is empty and reload option for pouch/belt is toggled.
  • Rework the job selection so that HIGH options are prioritized, instead of certain roles. Turn every possible role into a HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW (Difficult)
  • Port this
  • Marine Emergency Response Team [Pending squad refactor].
  • Rework SD to have a large shuttle attached, making it a dual self-destruct and evacuate mini-game instead.
  • Radial menus.
  • Larvas that burst without a client or go SSD without finding a new one, on the same z-level than a xeno ruler, should auto-burrow.
  • MP skills and tank access removed from ERTs.
  • Shrike's psychic whisper opens a two-way channel so host and xeno can comunicate. Possibly temporarily giving the host a similar action button to send messages to the Shrike.
  • Make separate weapon bullet types have a different name (SMG and pistol can't both be named 9x19mm, since they will not fit thanks to the code), this is a lore/realism change, not a balance one.
Balance reworks:
  • Thrown grenades have a chance to ignore mobs crossed by, lower the longer they travel. Even higher chance if thrown from a grenade launcher.
  • Sniper and general off-screen damage should focus in debuffs (fire, stagger, stuns) instead of damage..
Larger reworks:
  • Pain/stamina
  • Factions/squads
  • Pheromones.
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