Spriting & Mapping to-do list

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Spriting & Mapping to-do list

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State of sprite licensing:
  • Monkeysfist: Remove, no permission.
  • Gorg: Permission to keep and distribute. Treat as CC-BY-SA.
  • Artouris: Permission to use, but not distribute.
  • Fridge: Permission to use and distribute. Treat as CC-BY-SA.
  • Nicboone: Permission to use and distribute. CC-BY-SA. Note: does not wish his artwork associated with racist/far right improperly moderated projects.
  • Joshuu: CC-BY-SA.
  • Triiodine: CC-BY-SA.
  • Made by us: CC-BY-SA.
Note 1: all sprites in Apop's CM repo before going closed source, as well as any sprite that is a modification of one of those sprites OR a /tg/ or other open source sprites, are allowed and CC-BY-SA(-NC)
Note 2: Neth, CM's headcoder, has released all CM assets with the CC-BY-SA license, in an effort to go open-source. All the sprites in their repo we didn't have permission to use we now do. Notable exceptions are the xenos and preds, for copyright issues, and the lobby art, which are paid commissions.

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