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New Lore

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Time has passed and we are a bit more settled. I had made another topic about a name change but the truth is that we first need to build a proper lore before we can decide on a new name. We are provisionally using both Rustled's DMCA and MSO's /tg/Marines. We'll see what we'll keep.

That said, at least two players are interested in writing the new lore, and I had my own plans as well which I'm setting aside to let them and others work on it.

In the interest of transparency and to give everyone an opportunity at having a say here, we'll lay some basic guidelines so that anyone can propose their own lore, and then we'll pick what seems more interesting:
  • No /tg/ quality lore. If you don't understand why, check the Backstory and the Nanotrasen sections to see what we are talking about. The introduction to the former kind of already explains it well: This contains a fluff backstory which is to be taken about as seriously as the clown crying griff. We are aiming for MRP here, and lore like the Clowns & Mimes section in Nanotrasen are good quality comedy, but not something one can work as RP material.
  • The new lore should do a conversion of the existing factions and roles, such as the USCM, the Corporate Liason, Weyland-Yutani, PMCs, Freelancers, UPP, CLF, and so on. The xenomorphs can be included or not. Personally I prefer to have them as the fantastic element of the story, but that's not a requirement at all.
  • Lore is part of Development and ultimately Code, so it will have to be approved by the Headcoder ultimately in order to be accepted.
If the people who showed interest before bail out and nobody else pitches in I'll do my own autistic mix of SS13 RP servers' lores (Aurora/Bay/Polaris) along with The Expanse, Starship Trooper and other science fiction works' references.

Feel free to discuss this in #lore in our discord and to make a post in our sub-forums with your lore proposal.
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