[necromanceranne] blowing up medbay-thadeathwalker

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[necromanceranne] blowing up medbay-thadeathwalker

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BYOND account: thadeathwalker
Character name: Bring Your Dead
Ban type:perm Terry/mortican guy/I didn't use ooc/Note idk/etc idk
Ban length: permanent
Ban reason: I blew up Medbay after fighting a chemist, he was being an asshole and throwing my chemicals away
Time ban was placed: I was banned around 12 o clock Terry: I was banned on terry
Round ID in which ban was placed: I don't know round id

Reasons for Appealing - I am appealing so my cousin can play and stop being mad at me and I blwe up medbay
Are you appealing a validly placed permaban and would like another chance to be unbanned?: I would like to play yes I know wat I did was bad but I just got mad I feel like it won't happen though but I would do better if I had a second chance
If yes, please explain why you believe it should be accepted: Im not sure if I can be accepted now after what I done but I wont do it again
Is the reason/note factually accurate and fair?: I dont know it seems ok
If no, please provide more details: Did you not do what the ban reason or note says and want it removed entirely? I wasnt talked to about notes I was just banned and I would do better Do you feel a different wording would be more fair and accurate? I blew up medbay and I'm sorry Do you have a suggested rewording that would satisfy you for this appeal? I was sad about it I tried to save the people I hurt before they attacked me and sec chasing me

Do you disagree with the admin's interpretation of rules or policy?: I dont but I want my cousin to play too
If no, please provide more details: its fine If you don't understand how or why what you did broke any of our rules, please explain here. i wanted to help before I was caught I didnt know anyone else was gonna be hrt

Do you feel the ban length or decision to note was unjustifiably harsh?: I think no since I was just mad once
If no, please provide more details: its ok Explain why to the best of your ability. Do you believe this wasn't even a rule break and you shouldn't have been noted? no Do you agree with the decision to note or ban, but feel the duration is too harsh? no What do you feel would have been proportionate instead and why? not really mad about being banned I'm just sorry tho I wnt to play too
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Re: blowing up medbay-thadeathwalker

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viewtopic.php?f=7&t=44 <-- you're going to need to edit your appeal to follow the format on this page
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Re: blowing up medbay-thadeathwalker

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is that ok? I tried to look at it hard
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Re: blowing up medbay-thadeathwalker

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The banning admin was necromanceranne (who has been notified) and the ban reason was "Banned from the server permanently - In round 220001, it appears you set off a Nitrous Oxide grenade in the middle of medbay due to a disagreement with another player. Given there is another account with connections to this account made within the same time frame as one another, and that you seem to possess somewhat advanced knowledge despite the low hours, I'm going to assume you're evading. Please come to the forums to explain this behaviour if you think this has been applied in error. viewforum.php?f=7", placed 2 days ago.
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yttriums wrote: Tue Jan 16, 2024 12:13 am borg players shouldn't be able to ahelp. you signed up to play as a piece of equipment. this is like a table ahelping you for wrenching it
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Re: [necromanceranne] blowing up medbay-thadeathwalker

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Hello, thank you for appealing.

I'm willing to lift the ban, but I need you to acknowledge a number of things.

Notably, I need you to, in the future, to not resolve ic conflicts by bombing departments with high yield explosives, hurting more than just the subject of your conflict. Just don't do that, period, as a nonantagonist. You should read our rules and understand them comprehensively.

Secondly, you have to follow the same restrictions as your cousin. Don't play on any account except your own. Do not play in a round your cousin was in. I'll put a note on your account to acknowledge this.

And thirdly, follow the same advice I gave in the other thread, and please do not post pictures of yourself on the internet to strangers. Even just a body part. Please don't go compromising your personal safety just to play an online video game.

Otherwise, I'm lifting the ban and placing a note to acknowledge the connection between your accounts. Let me know if you have any trouble logging in.
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Re: [necromanceranne] blowing up medbay-thadeathwalker

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Hi, given the lack of response I'm going to assume this has been resolved. Please respond within 24 hours or I'll be moving it on.
AliasTakuto wrote: Thu Jan 04, 2024 1:11 pm As for the ear replacing stuff, you can ask Anne but I don't think this is what I was banned for. If I was all I can say is "Sorry for being hilarious"...
Omega_DarkPotato wrote:This sucks, dude.
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