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Public logs

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Filtered/censored info:

Any line that doesn't start with a timestamp (because i'm too lazy to make the parser work with them. this is mainly debug lines/info about the game banners asking for the server status, and tcom script uploads) These are filed under "misc" when censored.
Any admin communication (asay/apm/ahelp)
Watchlist and notes adding/editing/removing
Ban reasons
Anything that matches the format of 0-255.0-255.0-255.1-255 (ips)
cids and ips from connection log lines.
Any line that starts with ADMIN: and is followed by <a (because these are bugged and harder to parse, newer logs don't have this issue, but the older ones do.)
Log entries about invalid connection data (these can contain cid/ip info in a hard to predict way)

Server time zone is GMT.

Rules regarding the use of public logs:
  • The content of line must not be modified in any way.
    • This does not apply to adding context (as long as its clear that its added and not part of the original log)
    • Likewise, you are allowed to add formatting or emphasis as long as it does not appear deceptive
  • Any omissions of in between lines must be clearly marked in-line to the logs along with a brief description giving a rough amount of the lines removed, what they contained, and why they were removed
    • -snip-(500 lines of the clown slipping the hos in the other room removed for being irrelevant)
  • You must link to the log file you got the logs from to make it easier to validate the context
  • Air on the side of good faith, Its better to include too many context lines then not enough lines context lines
  • Expect onlookers to assume bad faith. If you omit details that are later deemed to be important people will assume you did it intentionally. This means doing due diligence when reviewing the logs for related or relevant bits.

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