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[DISCORD] 1Tommy

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Discord Username: 1Tommy
Commonly Used Names: N/A
Banning Admin: MJP
Ban Reason: Quality control ban for being toxic repetitively in the tgmc discord, saying things such as "kys" even after being warned about it.
Time Ban Was Placed: 07/11/23
Your Side of the Story: I was being toxic in the tgmc discord's text channels, telling people to kill them selves and being overly edgy, this was punished on a variety of occasions with mutes, timeouts, ect. eventually after one of these timeouts had ended, I was quality control banned from the server.
Why You Think You Should Be Unbanned: I have asked people to ask other people what they think of me and I haven't heard a single comment about me being toxic as of recent, in fact I have people that can vouch for me changing, if you have even been playing the game recently this change would be extremely apparent, this is my third month in a row appealing this and during the time from my first appeal and now I have showed change, I literally have receipts, now I do not want to accuse certain admins having a bias against me so I will disregard that factor to my appeals being denied. I'm literally just asking for another chance as I have changed - if you have any records showing that I haven't changed, please do provide them before you shut down my third appeal in a row.
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Re: [DISCORD] 1Tommy

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Tommy been a good lad lately, in game and out of game. Night and day difference from when he first started getting in trouble. My god this boy has been reformed!!!
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Re: [DISCORD] 1Tommy

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Tommy is now a pretty cool and chill person unlike before, i can personally vouch for him and say he is not going to do his past mistakes as he honestly changed.
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Re: [DISCORD] 1Tommy

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made this account today but been playin TGMC for a long time! during my time Tommy has always been good to me and i absolutely vouch for him, hes talked several times about his past mistakes and wont do it again and i believe that
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Re: [DISCORD] 1Tommy

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When playing on tgmc tommy was the first person i really talked to. But lets keep it short instead of giving a life story! Long story short hes been a person that is really kind in his heart and he has changed over time too! Hes learned from his mistakes of which he probably made many but there's always room to improve as they say! And that he did by a huge margin!
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Re: [DISCORD] 1Tommy

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^ I don't buy it...
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Re: [DISCORD] 1Tommy

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I came back to TGMC for a game after 2 weeks of CM and they seem like the same jackass they've always been.
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Re: [DISCORD] 1Tommy

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Please highlight how i can stop being "the same jackass i have always been" - as in tell me the exact specifics of what im doing that makes me a jackass
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Re: [DISCORD] 1Tommy

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I was the lawyer of Mr 1Tommy, also known as Thomas Morley in the hit game TerraGov Marine Corps, a variant of Space Station 13 where we play from the unfortunate software suite known as BYOND (Build Your Own Net Dream) originaly launched in 1996 by Dantom, a company formed by Dan Bradley and Tom Hehre originally. As we all know this software suite, BYOND (Build Your Own Net Dream) provides users with a set of tools for creating online games with iits pre-built network structure, GUI, sprite animator, map editor, code editor, dedicated server tools, game hub listing, scoreboards, achievements, and cross-game account support. Although geared towards RPG style gameplay, it is highly extensible and has been proven to work well with other genres and non-game computer utilities. Registration to the website is optional, with it users are provided with a "key" which acts as a unique identifier accross all BYOND games. Keys are stored canonically to prevent two users from having names that are only different by non-alphabetical symbols or spaces. Users are able to subscribe for exclusive member perks such as access to a IM system using their keys, a blog, file hosting, a forum avatar, and access to in-game bonuses for BYOND subscribers only.

Thanks to BYOND... or because of it, we play TGMC an open-source project based on the CM-SS13/Bay codebase. That we could consider a community-driven effort to create an IMMERSIVE with a MEDIUM LEVEL OF ROLEPLAY environment. Obviously this game is set in fiction, in a statistically low near future where players must work together to survive and complete objectives as either a Marine or Xenomorph. Those objectives can vary depending of the gamemode as we of course, know we have Crash and Nuclear War. Crash where marines have to fight during a state of low population on the server, they are given a small ship that lands into a smaller map of the habitual and they must capture and secure three nuclear disks with then, the nuclear device itself in order to activate it and detonate said device in the current area of operations with the optional objective of launching the ship, escaping and surviving. And then, Nuclear War while essentially the same as Crash, Marines are given a proper ship that stays in orbit, with the ability to use the Requisitions department and a proper Combat Information Center in order to also secure the nuclear disks, nuclear device and detonate it. Except Nuclear War is locked to a high population, normally above 40 players.

Now after this small reminder or introduction of what we waste our time on... I mean, what we play, as we all know, Tommy who I will start referring as so, is a known member of this unfortunate community. As of me writing it appears there's been a few forum threads made by this user with this one being the second for a Discord ban appeal. If the readers will accept this Exhibit A of my evidence you will be able to see that I am right. Now dear reviewer, as we know, there was a trial, that, of course we can see here Exhibit B in the TerraGov Marine Corps discord server, occured between the day 5 and 6 of February of current year, 2024. Where Tommy was found guilty of the original charge that if I believe right, was nuking the ship. The original penalty would been a perma ban from the BYOND server of Space Station 13, TGMC but was reduced to 1 month as we can see here in Exhibit C.

Now that we have some information in the recent events of this person and what platform we use, it is time to leave my vouch towards this person after I relay a simple, short message.

Dear viewers, my client would like to relay from my DMs to you the following message,

"I believe i deserve a second chance in the discord after taking steps to change my self" Now of course we can see it as Exhibit D

For my personal vouch is that, Tommy as I show in this Exhibit E is that he should learn to sit back and observe, as not everything needs a reaction. I am sure he will be able to learn this as he said he changed.

That's all,
A Gas Canister, Lawyer and Public Defender of the TerraGov Marine Corps
I will drop my call card if somebody ever needs me.
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Re: [DISCORD] 1Tommy

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:skull: Please dont make me wait 3 weeks again
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Re: [DISCORD] 1Tommy

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The final ban lifting has been done.
Your local TGMC Head Administrator.


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