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Admin Complaint Format & Rules

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Rules regarding admin complaints:

1. Anyone is allowed to post with information relating to the complaint, relevant past unaddressed questionable behavior by the administrator, or to provide positive feedback giving proper examples of good conduct. Opinions without concrete examples that can be verified through logs or other means are not appreciated.
2. If it's relating to the current round, You must wait until the end of the round, to avoid breaking the IC in OOC rule.
3. Use the template.
4. Try to keep your complaint calm, concise, to the point, and properly formatted.
5. Do not make a complaint if it's regarding an event that you thought was really bad. Admins will still be held accountable for events, they just aren't going to be immediately deadminned for them like an admin complaint would call for. If they are constantly making a large portion of the playerbase unhappy, it will be dealt with internally.
6. If your evidence contains sensitive information, you can PM it to the headmin instead.

What is expected of the admins

Admin Rules
0. Server rule 0 still applies.
1. The admins also have a more detailed guidelines they have to follow. These are private as of now.
2. Be on the Discord if you are adminning on the server.
3. Don't cheat. Do not use admin powers for your own benefit. Don't use your powers to abuse other players.
4. Don't handle an adminhelp that involves you. Admins can't involve themselves as both an admin and player in a matter. This also means adminhelping like any other player would if you want to report an issue. Another admin will be needed to help you.
5. Don't interfere with another admin's ban or adminhelp unless requested. Feel free to point out important missed details or useful information however. Higher-ranked admins are encouraged to advise and guide other admins, but overruling someone else's ban falls to the headmin.
6. Privacy is expected by the players. Do not publicize IP(s), computer IDs (CIDs) and player's notes anywhere in game or outside if not for proper administrative matters. Ckey, character names and certain actions in the game may or not fall into this category, depending on the context and if the player wants or not to remain anonymous.
7. Don't be a hypocrite. If you're doing something you'd normally ban someone for doing, you're breaking this.
8. Don't spam sounds and events. During lower population, until necesssary code changes are implemented feel free to run events more often, be it just a simple balancing in the right direction, but don't overdo it.
9. Your ckey must be a part of your Discord display name.

General Admin Guidelines
1. If you're unsure about something, ask your fellow admins for opinions in game and on adminbus. If there is lots of disagreement over an issue, ask the headmin for clarification.
2. Maintain professional conduct both in game and outside of the game in public places. It is expected that you take the position seriously. This doesn't mean you can't talk casually to the playerbase or with your friends or shitpost in appropriate channels, but remain professional on the forums, as well as on other Space Station 13 communities when speaking publicly and representing our community.
3. Please be careful if you choose to 'test' something you have little idea about. If someone asks something like "How much damage does an AP rocket do", that can be checked easily, but more outlandish questions should be investigated on your own local server and not the thunderdome, as you risk crashing the server. Avoid testing things where other currently playing players can see it unless absolutely necessary. Try to keep immersion present in the round.

Event Guidelines
1. Carefully consider factors like the current server population, time of round, how many AFK people there are, how many dead people there are, whether people are enjoying the round already or busy with the fight, etc. before you start pressing buttons.
2. Do not interfere or try to add your own spice to events run by other admins unless given permission.
3. If you need someone to fill a role in-game, such as an event character or someone who is AFK, prioritize players over admins. We're here to create fun for them, not for ourselves.
4. Keep all sound sound files below 1MB and carefully consider if using one is worth it as it may create lag for people and cause problems for those currently in combat.
5. A good litmus test for whether the event you're doing is appropriate or not, is to think about whether you would have found it appropriate as a player or not.
6. Above all, you're here to keep the game fun and fair for the players.

The process itself

After you post your complaint, the headmin will respond, posting the logs from that round if that is relevant. If the logs are not relevant for your report, for example if it only includes other evidence, the headmin will post that they acknowledge the report and the investigation will begin. The logs, if applicable, will include both a parsed version that anyone can dive through for transparency or in case the headmin misses something, and specific logs from the situation you described that is the apparent rule or admin rule break. During this entire time anyone is free to contribute according to the posting rules described above. After either everything has been said, or enough time has passed from the date of the logs being posted or the headmin saying they will look into it, the headmin will make a ruling to determine if said admin is guilty or not guilty and additionally what punishment will be applied in case said admin is found guilty.

Post template

Copy this template into your post. Replace the portions surrounded with <angle brackets> to complete your appeal.

Post title/subject:

Code: Select all

[COMPLAINT] [<Admin Name>] <Player Name>
Post contents:

Code: Select all

[b]BYOND account:[/b] <BYOND account.>
[b]Character name:[/b] <Character name at time of ban.>
[b]Admin in question:[/b] <Their name.>
[b]When did it take place:[/b] <UTC timestamp would be preferred.>
[b]Round ID in which ban was placed:[/b] <Round ID, if relevant. Can be excluded otherwise. Example: 101235.>
[b]Evidence:[/b] <Logs, screenshots, anything that can prove the admin did something wrong.>
[b]Your side of the story:[/b] <Explain what happened in your own words.>

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