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Player Report Format & Rules

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Rules regarding player reports

1. Anyone is allowed to post with information relating to the player report, relevant past unaddressed rule-breaking or borderline behavior by the players involved, or to provide positive feedback giving proper examples of good conduct. Opinions without concrete examples that can be verified through logs or other means are not appreciated.
2. You must wait until the end of the round, to avoid breaking the IC in OOC rule.
3. Use the template.
4. Try to keep your player report calm, concise, to the point, and properly formatted.
5. Only create a report if the issue couldn't be handled in game for some reason or if you were told to create one (for example due to the round ending or there not being enough administrators to handle it).
6. All evidence posted must include the entire context of the situation. For example, if it is a discord message, the entire conversation that led to the message and any additional messages after must be posted, this can be in form of screenshots or a link to where the interaction started. If only cropped screenshots or similar are presented, headmins have the right to invalidate the evidence in question and possibly deny the complaint.

The process itself

After you post your report, an administrator will respond, posting the logs from that round. The logs will include both a parsed version that anyone can dive through for transparency or in case we miss something, and specific logs from the situation you described that is the apparent rule break. During this entire time anyone is free to contribute according to the posting rules described above. After either everything has been said, or enough has passed from the date of the logs being posted, a ruling will be made by the administrator handling it to determine if said complaint is valid. The exact action taken, if any, may not necessarily be revealed. The headmin can overrule this decision if they think the decision was incorrect.

Post template

Copy this template into your post. Replace the portions surrounded with <angle brackets> to complete your appeal.

Post title/subject:

Code: Select all

[PLAYER REPORT] [<Other Player(s) Name>] <Your Player Name>
Post contents:

Code: Select all

[b]BYOND account:[/b] <Your BYOND account.>
[b]Your character name:[/b] <Your character name at time.>
[b]Their character name(s):[/b] <Their character name(s) at time.>
[b]When did it take place:[/b] <UTC timestamp would be preferred.>
[b]Round ID in which ban was placed:[/b] <Round ID, if known. Can be excluded otherwise. Example: 101235.>
[b]Evidence:[/b] <Logs, screenshots, anything that can support your claim.>
[b]Your side of the story:[/b] <Explain what happened in your own words.>

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