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[DISCORD] SouthernSaint

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Discord Username: SouthernSaint
Ban Reason: To put it simply, I posted a family guy meme that had a funny word in it without realizing it (the N word), it was dumb of me and I fully acknowledge it was wrong to do
Time Ban Was Placed: It's been a long while, I'd say maybe a year ago?
Your Side of the Story: There's no real convoluted story here truth be told, from what I remember there was just some memeing around in round discussion, I posted a bad meme, and got instabanned for it. A mistake on my part was made, and it's not one I intend to repeat.
Why You Think You Should Be Unbanned: I believe I should get the chance to return as my mistake was just a genuine one and born of dumbassery not malice on my part, I've learned and improved by a large margin since then, and never had any issues of the same caliber before nor since. As for my ban, well, I believe it was both just and unjust, as while yes it is understandable for a ban over a slur, considering the fact I also had no issues beforehand, I also would think that simply deleting the post and giving a warning could also have been just as acceptable. In either case, I like this community, enjoy playing with everyone, and would just like to ask for a second shot in the cord, fully acknowledging any further fuckups on my part could lead to a more permanent ban.

Bonus: Deleted my original appeal because I thought I posted it in the wrong place, fun.
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Apologies that this took a bit, accepted.

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