[No Longer Admin] ShockShard

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[No Longer Admin] ShockShard

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Please post any positive or negative feedback for the administrator here.
This is not the place to discuss ban appeals or admin complaints.
This is for specific feedback for this administrator.
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Re: ShockShard

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I ahelped for some basic materials to remodel my bar to look Syndicate-themed, and they went above and beyond by giving me a ton of gear to sell, several stacks of the materials I needed (plastitanium and plastitanium glass), even played as an "Interdyne Medical Doctor" who showed up for a drink and a good long conversation--that, and they play as an inspector (one of my favorite things to see) every now and again.

Big fan of this admin. Thanks for helping me do some interesting gimmicks and giving Sherrie a souvenir.
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Re: ShockShard

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Nice admin who stood up for me when I got dog-piled on by certain players. Fair, polite and honestly reassuring. A credit to the team.
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Re: ShockShard

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Mixed feelings. Tends to force Nations regularly and is sometimes unresponsive to the problems caused by this and other events they've run.
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Re: ShockShard

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Very based admin, I see them run events and mini events all the time and they're always fun, like when they appear as Interdyne characters and try to buy the station. They also run Nations which I think is fun, and they don't seem to do it often enough for it to be a problem. Love their events, very fun.
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Re: ShockShard

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Shockshard has been retired.

[Edit by Timberpoes] For clarification sake, they did not choose to retire and weren't retired for inactivity. They were de-adminned following a successful complaint.

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