My idea to make Psyker Echolocation not a pain.

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My idea to make Psyker Echolocation not a pain.

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So Psyker Echolocation as it is right now gives you a pulse of vision every ~1.5 seconds or so, which then fades to black, and then you get the next pulse, and the cycle repeats. You also can't see as far any more. Psyker Echolocation is also pretty buggy sometimes, and will occasionally replace every single crew member's silhouette with the same exact human silhouette which makes it even more impossible to figure out who is who. The Z level in which you became a psyker is the only one where you can see what people say above their heads, so if you go down a staircase, you'll have to look at the actual chat box to see what people are saying. Another problem is that Psykers get a gun, and a spell that boosts guns, but it's hard to not accidentally friendly fire when you're basically playing with 0.5 fps while on LSD while wearing 3D glasses in a room full of purple tinted mirrors.

My suggestion is that the whole idea of pulsing vision is dropped. It can still have purple outlines and have the smaller view range, but it would be incredibly less of a pain to actually see stuff in real time like everyone else.

Especially since you'll likely be in a wheelchair with one arm and a ton of bad mutations (unless you're one of the Psyker hunters and not a Chaplain) that make playing the game enough of a chore already.
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