New SOULFUL Rat King ability idea.

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New SOULFUL Rat King ability idea.

Post by Xkallubar » #726006

So, as we all know, in the video that inspired the creation of the rat king, when the giant rat that made all the rules (SPOILER ALERT) DIED, one of their rats magically became the new giant rat to take their place.
So what if a random rat turned into a new rat king upon the death of their current king? To spice it up, why not give rat kings an ability that lets them pick a few minions to make sentient, up to a cap of like 3 sentient minions to prevent ghost poll spam, and one of those three minions will become the new rat king once their current king dies?
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Re: New SOULFUL Rat King ability idea.

Post by Bepis » #726130

we need rat barons under the king, with a Wars of the Roses gamemode
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