(PROJECT) Custom science machine boards

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(PROJECT) Custom science machine boards

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Only very slightly related to integrated circuits but otherwise a totally separate thing.

The idea is as follows:

For every machine we currently have or will create that requires a circuit board to build, remove the proc functionality from the machine definition and instead turn that into a component attached to the circuit boards that is finalized on any machine built with the circuit boards.

Then, once that's working without any bugs, expand either the science circuit lab or the experimenter or whatever would be most beneficial to the gameplay loop, and let them destructively analyze circuit boards from machines to get those functionality components.

They can then use those analyzed components to create custom machines that do multiple things. Sleeper stasis beds that are also microwaves. Smart fridges that are also blenders. A stove that's also a griddle and a weapon recharger.

We could have tiers of circuit boards that determine how many functionalities you can attach to a machine, and circuit boards that let the machine be portable (tiers of portability, from needing to be wrenched to being able to be dragged around to being able to be carried in your hand).

I think this could really fill the experimental science niche we kind of don't have at the moment; Right now science is more of a routine of unlocked nodes and "experiments" that are just errands, rather than something that you... Experiment with. Integrated circuits can get pretty experimental, so don't let me throw too much shade on it. I took quite a bit of inspiration from the integrated circuits concept and execution.

Whaddya think?
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