Tell the admins how you think they're doing.
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Please post any positive or negative feedback for the administrator here.
This is not the place to discuss ban appeals, admin complaints, or ban requests.
This is for specific feedback for this administrator.
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Re: TheDuffelBag

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Cool dude, helpful, tried to help me best he could when I needed help with configuring hotkeys. When no solution could be found, said that they would keep looking and notify me if any solution was found.
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Re: TheDuffelBag

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Heavy lifter, cheerful, quick to learn and ask about things they don't know to do better by players. Has been a brief but hopefully continuing pleasure to admin with on Manny.
feedback appreciated here <3
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Re: TheDuffelBag

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I had the pleasure of being an admin candidate at the same time as DuffelBag. They take careful consideration of the facts during tickets and were a great person to learn along side of. Also a consistently positive player when encountered in game.
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Re: TheDuffelBag

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Billcyferka9 wrote: Wed Jun 19, 2024 10:58 pm Bye bye asshole.
Omega_DarkPotato wrote:This sucks, dude.
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Re: TheDuffelBag

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I had brief interactions with Duffy and they were great. In fact I was so surprised at how chill and polite they were that I said as much in an ahelp:
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When I had rough interactions with other admins, I looked through all my tickets and the above one with Duffy stood out as the lone positive example. He seems to give off "good faith energy."

When playing in shifts Duffy also seems cool, he was a busy captain but made time to chat with an assistant and even took the meds I gave him. Just generally left a positive impression on me from every interaction we had.
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Re: TheDuffelBag

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surprised it took this long for him to become admin
he's pretty cool but the problem is whenever i see him i want to throw rotten eggs in his direction. i dont know why its just completely unrelated to who he is as a person since he's really really cool
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Re: TheDuffelBag

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iamgoofball wrote:Vekter and MrMelbert are more likely to enforce the roleplay rules Manuel is supposed to be abiding by than Wesoda or Jackraxxus are.
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Re: TheDuffelBag

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without putting *too* much pressure on him, rhials is the reason i ever played this game for more than 2 weeks when i returned. his love and appreciation for the storytelling and improv theatre in this game is what opened the path for me to see the same in it too, and the adventures we had (and still have!) together will forever be something i hold dear and close to my heart. he's the captain of manuel and a great admin who is a gift to this community and i'm thankful to have him here.

also, he's the only person who can rip a full thc cart in one pull and then win a rev round as captain
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