ShiningLight discord ban appeal

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ShiningLight discord ban appeal

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Discord Username: ShiningLight
Banning Admin: Hi i'm SA-X ((Lewd))
Ban Reason: Telling Kuro to die and commit seppuku
Time Ban Was Placed: 18:11 GMT-3
Your Side of the Story: Kuro is a friend of mine, during a talk about the balancement/state of the game i wasn't 'jumping' him like the rest of the community was ((state by him)) he told me he knew that and called me a 'noob' so i replied as a joke 'die die die die commit seppuku' which resulted in a suddenly discord ban shortly after without no explanation given by the admin who laid said punishment.
Why You Think You Should Be Unbanned: I believe my ban was in parts unfair because of both the aspects that Kuro is indeed my friend and this behaviour between us two is normal/not taken serious by none of the parties, the fact that little was talked to me before the unban ((the admin who dealt it did not replied to any of my discord messages asking for help in writing this ban appeal)). I apologize though for my behavior, i genuinely forgot its against the rules and that by the more obvious i think it was as a joke not everyone is expected to understand that and given Kuro been attacked recently a lot the worst could be assumed.
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Re: ShiningLight discord ban appeal

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I will vouch for Shinning, we were just playing around, this was a unecessary reaction from an admin standpoint
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Re: ShiningLight discord ban appeal

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Your local TGMC Head Administrator.


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