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In the kitchen, poisoning your food
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PM: REDACTED/(REDACTED)->Kevinz000/(REDACTED): Because I had maximum yield explosives and a job to do

FORUM COP and king of Simple Questions | Feedback thread

The space bear stares alertly at the giant spider.

Reply PM from-REDACTED/(REDACTED): i tried to remove the bruises by changing her gender

PM: Bluespace->Delaron: Nobody wants a mime's asscheeks farting on their brig windows.

PM: REDACTED->HotelBravoLima: Oh come on, knowing that these are hostile aliens is metagaming

[17:43] <Aranclanos> any other question ping me again
[17:43] <Vekter> Aranclanos for nicest coder 2015
[17:44] <Aranclanos> fuck you

[Common] Bill Wilson Jr. says, "Hello all, undercover CIA agent here, I'm looking for an escaped criminal. If any of you have seen a hot tranny giving out free blowjobs let me know"