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Keyboard Shortcuts

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Tuterr, the Private Eye says:
"Yeah, kid? Still rambling on about an "interface"? God damn it... lemme put it straight with you, pal. You might want to go consult the Chief Medical Officer about your... condition. Maybe they will know something about your "key shortcuts" problem, whatever the hell that means."

Keyboard shortcuts so you spend less time fiddling with our god-awful GUI.

Humans and Other Carbon-based Lifeforms' Hotkeys

A diagram of (most) human hotkeys.
A diagram of (most) human hotkeys.

Any Mode

  • Shift + Click = Examine something.
  • Shift + Middle Click = Point at something.
  • Alt + Click a tile = Open a new tab with a list of all the items of the clicked tile next to you.
  • Alt + Click a PDA = Remove the ID from the PDA.
  • Alt + Click a locker = Lock the locker.
  • Alt + Click a clothing = Toggles any possible aesthetic settings (breath mask up/down, rolling down jumpsuit, buttons labcoat, flip baseball cap etc).
  • Alt + Click a bag/container = Opens the container. also works on things that are in another container.
  • Alt + Click a microwave = Turns the microwave on.
  • Alt + Click a chem dispenser, chemical heater, ChemMaster 3000 or PanD.E.M.I:C = Ejects any loaded beaker.
  • Alt + Click a vent or scrubber while having a "ventcrawl" ability = Crawl into the pipes. Monkeys, slimes and several other creatures can do this.
  • Control + Up/Down = In your text bar will shift through the history of everything you've entered in the red bar at the bottom.
  • Control + Click = Pull an object or person you're standing next to.
  • Control + Click a PDA = Take out pen.
  • End or Ctrl + W = Toggle throwing mode.
  • Page Down or Ctrl + A = Use the object in your active hand.
  • Middle Mouse Button, Page Up, Ctrl + S or Numpad 9 = Switch your active hand.
  • Home, Ctrl + D or Numpad 7 = Drop the item in your active hand.
  • Insert or Numpad 0 = Cycle through intents.
  • Delete = Stop pulling.
  • F12 = Toggle minimal HUD.
  • Spacebar = While entering commands auto-completes them.
  • Tab = Toggle between hotkey and normal mode. While in hotkey mode, WASD will move your character.

Hotkey-mode Enabled

Hotkey-mode can be toggled on by pressing Tab.

  • W, A, S, D = Move your character
  • Q = Drop
  • E = Equip
  • R = Throw
  • B = Resist / Unbuckle yourself / Stop drop and roll when on fire /
  • T = Say (opens a new input window)
  • F = Cycle intents left
  • G = Cycle intents right
  • Z/Y = Activate held object
  • X = Swap hands
  • 1 = Help intent
  • 2 = Disarm intent
  • 3 = Grab intent
  • 4 = Harm intent
  • O = OOC
  • M = emote
  • H = Stop Pulling
  • Shift + B = Put in hand item into backpack, or take out last item put into backpack.
  • Shift + E = Put in hand item into belt or belt slot, or take out last item put into belt.
  • Numpad 8, 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3 = Used for selecting body target. Numbers correspond to location on the target doll. 8 Cycles through Head -> Eyes -> Mouth

These also work with the non-hotkey mode if you press down Ctrl.

E.g. Ctrl + 1 = Help intent, even without the hotkey-mode toggled on.

Other Humanoid Controls

These are actions you can perform which require other methods than hotkeys.

  • Click-drag a person to yourself = Opens the undress window, where you can remove or add worn objects of a person, and also turn their internals on or off.
  • Click-drag a yourself to a table = Attempt to climb the table.
  • Click-drag a bag/container onto another bag/container = Attempts to move all contents of the first bag to the other.
  • Target legs and click a prone person while on grab intent = Attempt to steal shoes.
  • Click-drag a prone person to yourself after grabbing them aggressively = Fireman carry them if they're prone (by click dragging their sprite onto yours).

Hotkeys for the AI

  • Double-Click a tile = Instantly jump there.
  • Double-Click people = Start tracking the person.
  • Ctrl + number key (0-9) = Saves your current camera location.
  • Number key (0-9) = Jumps camera to saved camera location. Tilde and zero will return you to the last spot you jumped from.

Hotkeys for the AI and Cyborgs

  • Shift + Click a door = Open/close.
  • Control + Click a door = Bolts down/up.
  • Control + Shift + Click a door = Emergency access on/off.
  • Alt + Click a door = Electrify on/off.
  • Control + Click an APC = Power on/off.
  • Control + Click a Turret Control = Power on/off.
  • Alt + Click a Turret Control = Lethal/stun mode.

Cyborg Hotkey-mode Enabled

  • Cyborgs have all the basic hotkeys which humans have, plus...
  • X = Cycle active modules
  • 1 = Activate first module
  • 2 = Activate second module
  • 3 = Activate third module

Other Cyborg Controls

  • Click-drag humanoid to self on harm intent = Opens the undress window of the target.
  • Click-drag humanoid to self on help intent = Buckles target to self.
  • Use *spin emote with someone buckled to you = Forcefully throws the buckled person forward, which stuns them (even if they didn't hit anything) and/but can cause harm to them if they hit certain things (humans, walls (but not windows or airlocks), etc.).