Exploration Drones

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Not all information about the exploration drones is given, lack a list of exploration sites

Exploration drones are a system which allows various site explorations to be performed by Cargo. Drones are controlled and launched from a special room usually near or in Cargo.

Sites contain interesting loot and information about world history.


First, you need to find a place for the drone to land, this is done through scanner arrays that can be built.

After the scanner array is built you need to select which types of sites are you scanning, and also the ability to scan every site deeply on amount of enemies and opportunities.

Certain sites require scanners to be in certain places to be scanned. Those scanning usually required as one of the science experiments.

Drones and Launching

Selection of a launch site

After locating the site, equip the drone with tools appropriate for the site, or you can go blind and have extra space for loot as tools and loot take up the same space. Any loot that will be found when the drone is full - will be lost forever.

To launch the drone you need a fuel tank that can be created in the atmospheric crystallizer. Better fuel makes drones faster at their actions.

Load fuel into the drone launcher when you're ready - and launch the drone!

On-site Adventures

During adventure log and controls

When on site the computer's screen will report what's drone is encountering in the form of a text.