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Tourist amerifat.png
Liberty-bot says:
"I hope they have the triple deluxe fatty burger."

The tourist bots are an excellent way to earn some credits and to keep the Bar or dining area more lively. They come with a variety of stereotypes nationalities, and will ask for their customary food or drink.

Opening for business

Setting up

The restaurant system is split into two parts so that the bartender and chef can work independently. Designate the seating for tourist bots with the Restaurant or Bar seating tool. Then, click on the Restaurant Portal to open the shutters and start letting in the tourist bots.

The art of the meal

Once seated, they will announce their order. If you forget their order, you can examine the bot with Shift + Left Click to list it again. To complete the order, place the respective food or drink on a tile or table adjacent to them. They will consume the item and grant a payout if your timing was sufficient. The bots will grow tired and will leave if they have been waiting for too long.

Customer service

For bars, at least 10u of the desired beverage is required to satisfy a customer, but they will always drink the excess without any extra benefit. Using the mixer should increase efficiency.
Should the circumstance arrive when you wish to boot out a customer, removing their designated seat will cause them to leave. If you want to dismiss all of the bots, closing the portal will cause all of those that came from it to leave at once. Do not resort to violence on the customers, as they are very capable of self-defense.

Tourists and orders

Customer Icon Food Icon Drinks
Tourist amerifat.png
Burger.png Burger Beer.png Beer
CheeseburgerNew.png Cheeseburger B-52.png B-52
Baconburger.png Bacon Burger Manhattan.png Manhattan
Superbite.png Super Bite Burger Atomicbombglass.gif Atomic Bomb
Fries.png Space Fries
Cheesefries.png Cheese Fries
Hotdog.png Hot Dog
Applepie.png Apple Pie
Pumpkinpie.png Pumpkin Pie
Pancake.png Pancake
Pineapplepizza.png Hawaiian pizza
Tourist french.png
Baguette.png Baguette Champagne glass.gif Champagne
Cheesepmelet.png Cheese Omelette Cognac glass.png Cognac
Garlicbread.png Garlic Bread Mojito.png Mojito
French onion soup.png French Onion Soup Sidecar.png Sidecar
Berryclafoutis.png Berry Clafoutis Beer.png Beer
Wine glass.png Wine
Between the sheets.png Between the Sheets
Tourist italian godfather.pngTourist italian pison.png
Pastatomato.png Tomato Pasta Lemonade.png Lemonade
Copypasta.gif Copypasta Fanciulli.png Fanciulli
Meatballspag.png Spaghetti & Meatballs Godfather.png Godfather
Butternoodles.png Butter Noodles Beer.png Beer
Vegepizza.png Vegetable Pizza Amaretto.png Amaretto
Mushroompizza.png Mushroom Pizza BrancaMenta.png Branca Menta
Meatpizza.png Meat Pizza Wine glass.png Wine
Margheritapizza.png Margherita Pizza Grappa.png Grappa
Risotto.png Risotto
Lasaga.png Lasagna
Cannoli.png Cannoli
Eggplantparmigiana.png Eggplant Parmigiana
Cornuto.png Cornuto
Tourist japanese animes.png
Milo.png Miso Soup Sakecup.png Sake
Tofu.gif Tofu Cafelatteglass.gif Cafe Latte
Breadslice.png Bread Slice Aloe.gif Aloe
Vegesoup.png Vegetable Soup Chocolatepudding.gif Chocolate Pudding
Sashimi.png Sashimi Teaglass.gif Tea
Chaw.png Chawanmushi Cherryshake.gif Cherry Shake
Berrymuffin.png Berry Muffin Bastionbourbon.png Bastion Bourbon
Stroganoff.png Beef Stroganoff
Tourist japanese salary.png
Japanese Salaryman
Tofu.gif Tofu Beer.png Beer
Milo.png Miso Soup Sakecup.png Sake
Vegesoup.png Vegetable Soup Cafelatteglass.gif Cafe Latte
Sashimi.png Sashimi Brownglass.gif Coffee
Chaw.png Chawanmushi Soylatteglass.gif Soy Latte
Meatbun.png Meat Bun Atomicbombglass.gif Atomic Bomb
Stroganoff.png Beef Stroganoff
Tourist mexican.png
Plaintaco.png Plain Taco Teqilla glass.png Tequila
Classictaco.png Classic Taco Beer.png Beer
Burrito.png Burrito Margarita.png Margarita
Nachos.png Nachos Whiskeyemoji.png Whiskey
CheesyNachos.png Cheesy Nachos BraveBull.png Brave Bull
CheesyBurrito.png Cheesy Burrito Patronglass.gif Patron
Cuban Nachos.png Cuban Nachos TequillaSunrise.png Tequila Sunrise
PlasmaBurrito.png Fuego Burrito
Stuffedlegion.gif Stuffed Legion
Tourist british gentleman.pngTourist british bobby.png
Fishandchips.png Fish and Chips Teaglass.gif Tea
Stew.png Stew Beer.png Beer
Ricepudding.png Rice Pudding Hard cider glass.png Hard Cider
Toastedsandwich.png Cheese Sandwich Ale.png Ale
Benedict.png Eggs Benedict Ginvodkaglass.gif Gin
Meatpies.png Meat Pie ClassicMartini.png Classic Martini
Indiancurry.png Indian Curry GinTonic.png Gin and Tonic
Fullenglish.png Full English Breakfast AlliesCocktail.gif Allies Cocktail
Beefwellington.png Beef Wellington (Slice)