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Sects are ways of fleshing out what your deity is like, for both arrpee and gameplay. You can pick a sect by hitting the altar of the gods with your bible. From there on, examining the altar will provide you with information about rites and favor you've saved up. Only the initial chaplain can pick a sect!

Some sects will change or remove your bible effect. If it does, I noted it below

Some sects can sacrifice items for favor. Find what it's looking for, and hit the altar with it.

Some sects have rites. Rites are rituals that cost (or sometimes grant) favor and do various things related to your deity. To start one, hit your bible on the altar.

Sects, as colored by the clown

Name Alignment Description Sacrifice Items Rites
Nanotrasen Approved God
"Nanotrasen Recommends!"
Good This is essentially the same as picking no sect at all. Everything is default, there are no rites or wanted sacrificial items. None! None!
"May you find peace in a metal shell."
Neutral A robotic themed sect. Bibles can charge cyborgs and heal robotic limbs, but will no longer heal organic ones. Cells give favor depending on how charged they are. (1000 favor) Synthetic Conversion: Turns a shitty boring human into an android. Watch out, this costs a ton of favor but with your new bible healing it's definitely worth it.

(2000 favor) Receive Blessing: Summons a random cybernetic organ.

Pyre God
"It must burn! The primal energy must be respected."
Neutral A sect based around fire. Decent for traitors to pick up, as it requires corpses to get good amounts of favor.

Your bible will lose its powers!

Candles, though a really shitty amount. Use "Candle Fuel" instead. Burning Offering: Sacrifice a buckled burning corpse for favor, the more burn damage the corpse has the more favor you will receive.

(1000 favor) Unmelting Protection: Grants fire immunity to any piece of clothing.
(200 favor) Immortal Candles: Creates 5 candles that never run out of wax.

If you've taken the divine bow null rod, you gain the ability to create blazing star arrows, which will ignite targets on hit, or explode any target already ignited.

Greedy God
"Greed is good."
Evil Your favor is always equal to your money, and you spend money to accomplish rites. Your bible heals a lot per smack, but charges you money per successful use. None! (300 gold) Purchase Vend-a-tray: Your own personal vend-a-tray, for selling items. If you wanna sell much more...

(1000 gold) Purchase Personal Vending Machine: Personal Vending Machine! Blinged out with gold, and marketed from your god, what more could you want?

Honorbound God
"A good, honorable crusade against evil is required."
Good Your deity requires fair fights from you. You may not attack the unready, the just, or the innocent. You earn favor by getting others to join the crusade, and you may spend favor to announce a battle, bypassing some conditions to attack. None! Join the Crusade: Recruits someone into the crusade. They must consent themselves, the first time you invoke this rite it will merely send a prompt to join.

Forgive: Simply takes someone off your guilty list. No reason to do this really, but it's a nice gesture.

Summon Honorbound Rules: Enscribes a paper with the honorbound rules and regulations.

Punished God
"To feel the freedom, you must first understand captivity."
Neutral Followers are expected to incapacitate themselves to gain powers. Hack off limbs, go blind, get addicted, remove your tongue, pick up bad mutations, all of that will raise your burden stat. None! None, however you gain new abilities at your burden stat increases!

At max rank, you become a psyker, splitting your skull in half (blinding you) but unlocking your full psychic potential. You gain the following psy abilities:

Brainwave Echolocation, which allows you to detect others with your MIND.

Psychic Walls, which work similar to wizard force walls but for psykers and projectiles ricochet off of them.

Projectile Boost, which doubles your fire rate with guns and allows the shots to home in on targets you click on.

Psychic Projection, which terrifies and disorients a victim, also causing them to wildly fire any gun they might have.

Once a psyker, you can also transmogrify your null rod into a 5 shot, 18 damage revolver, which can be reloaded via a prayer action.

Maintenance God
"Your kingdom in the darkness."
Evil Has multiple rites for surviving incredibly well in the dark, but you become insanely useless in the light (read: you'll go blind within seconds) Organic Slurry reagent, one favor for 1u. (150 favor) Maintenance Adaptation: Gain a permanent maintenance drug addiction. Comes with various upsides and downsides. You will also gain a mood boost to counteract the need for drugs.

(300 favor) Adapted Eyes: Only available after maintenance adaptation. Your eyes will adapt as well, becoming useless in the light. Watch out, this pretty much fully banishes you to living in the darkness.
(100 favor) Create Ritual Totem: Ritual Totems are a portable tool for performing rites on the go. Requires wood. Can only be picked up by the holy.

Sparring God
"Your next swing must be faster, neophyte. Steel your heart."
Neutral Followers must spar for their god! Create contracts, sign them with participants, and fight for whatever the stakes are! None! Summon Contract: Turns one paper into a contract. You set the terms of the sparring match with this. Set it to a holy match to earn favor, at the risk of disappointing your god.

Forge Ceremonial Gear: Turns 5 sheets of any item-able material into a blade. The blades are only strong while being used to spar, but are required if the terms are ceremonial weapons only.
(1 favor) Declare Arena: Choose an area, and it will be unlocked as an arena. You can then select it in your contract to spar there.
(3 favor) Become Tenacious: After invoking this rite, you will be able to crawl much faster when in soft crit.
(4 favor) Become Unbreakable: After invoking this rite, you will be able to pull yourself out of hard crit when you enter it, as long as you haven't very recently.

Festival Sect

"Let your song be the beacon in the night, a light for wayward souls."

Good Followers must spread joyous music across the land! Play your holy music! Or just loop an outdated meme song over and over until the entire security force wants to kill you. None! All of your songs are first selected at the altar like normal, and then are applied to the next song you play on an instrument. Songs have a minimum length to apply their song end effects.

Evangelical Hymn: Grants favor for each non-holy listener that can hear your song. At the end of the song, blesses all listeners, improving their mood.

Nullwave Vibrato (10 Favor): A powerful antimagic song, protects listeners from other magical effects.

Murderous Chord (10 Favor): A painful song that hurts those around you, and opens bleeding wounds on listeners at the end.

Spiritual Lullaby (40 Favor): Makes those that listen tired, slowing them. At the end of the song, puts anyone tired enough to sleep.