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This page features a list of major changes to the /tg/station codebase over the years. It will include mainly only player-facing changes. However, it should also be mentioned that only through the work of many un-remembered maintenance coders, have these changes been possible at all. They are responsible for the game having managed to evolve from the Powerpoint slideshow of lag it used to be years ago, to what it is today. Please give a moment of silence and recognition for every coder who lost their lives in the name of refactoring shitcode.

Note: I think I've included a lot of useful info by now, but there's still quite a bit more to add. Suggestions/edits welcome! -Bawhoppen


Date Change Author Link Type
2010-8-23 Initial Google Code Repo created TLE(?) Event
2010-11-15 Boxstation added Noize Map


Date Change Author Link Type
2011-2-7 Uterus Station removed Errorage Map
2011-9-3 Uterus Station readded Errorage Map


Date Change Author Link Type
2012-1-14 Oldstation readded Errorage Map
2012-6-21 Uterus Station removed Petethegoat Map
2012-7-29 Asteroidstation added Errorage Map
2012-9-2 Gateway added Petethegoat Addition
2012-11-28 Metroids/Roros fully replaced by Slimes KorPhaeron Rework


Date Change Author Merged By Link Type
2013-3-10* /tg/station Codebase moved to Github* Event
2013-3-10* Metastation added* Metacide Unknown Map
2013-4-20 Oldstation removed Ikarrus Map
2013-4-20 Asteroidstation removed Ikkarus Map
2013-6-18 Double Agents Mode added Giacomand Cheridan
2013-11-5 Labor Camp added Drovidi Corv Giacom Addition
2013-11-8 Telescience added Cheridan Giacom Addition


Date Change Author Merged By Link Type
2014-1-4 Syndicate Borgs added VistaPOWA Giacom Addition
2014-1-24 Gibtonite added Ergovisavi Fleure Addition
2014-1-30 Ministation added Giacom Fleure Map
2014-2-17 Asteroid reworked Ergovisavi Razharas Rework
2014-3-21 Gravity Generators added Giacom Razharas Addition
2014-4-1 Cult reworked Akenworthy87 Aranclanos Rework
2014-11-3 Defibrillators added Paprka Hornygranny Addition
2014-12-10 Metastation removed Hornygranny Cheridan Map
2014-12-16 Supermatter Engine added Tkdrg RemieRichards Addition


Date Change Author Merged By Link Type
2015-1-1 Ragin' Mages added Iamgoofball Tkdrg Addition
2015-1-10 ERTs added Steelpoint theOperand Addition
2015-1-12 Blob reworked Iamgoofball Razharas Rework
2015-1-13 Goonchem added Iamgoofball Tkdrg Rework
2015-1-15 Lockboxes Removed, Firing Pins added Cheridan Hornygranny Rework
2015-4-15 Revenants added Xhuis Xhuis Addition
2015-5-4 Plasmamen added RemieRichards Cheridan Addition
2015-6-12 Gang Reworked Ikarrus Razharas Rework
2015-7-3 Cat Ears/Tail added Ricotez Razharas Addition
2015-8-24 Swarmers added Ergovisavi Cheridan Addition
2015-10-3 NTSL removed MrPerson Aranclanos Removal
2015-10-6 Dreamstation added Joan Razharas map
2015-10-7 Discstation added Strathcona Razharas Map
2015-10-8 Birdboat Station added Tokiko1 Jordie0608 Map
2015-11-8 Hand of God Mode added Remie Cheridan Addition
2015-12-15 "War-ops" Mode added KorPhaeron Duncathan Addition
2015-12-15 Cult reworked Tkdrg Razharas Rework
2015-12-19 Tesla Engine added Iamgoofball Tkdrg Addition


Date Change Author Merged By Link Type
2016-1-29 Efficiency Station added WJohnston Tkdrg Map
2016-1-31 Discstation removed KorPhaeron Tkdrg Map
2016-3-14 Lavaland added KorPhaeron Cheridan Addition
2016-4-29 Cult Reworked Robustin Razharas Rework
2016-5-6 Dismemberment added Phil235 Cheridan Addition
2016-5-8 Devil Antagonist added Lordpidey RemieRichards Addition
2016-5-9 Tablecrafting replaced with Personal-craffting Razharas Phil235 Rework
2016-5-22 Peacekeeper Borgs added Kevinz Optimumtact Addition
2016-5-24 Clock Cult Mode added Xhuis Cheridan Addition
2016-5-28 Pixel Projectiles added Paprika et al. Razharas Rework
2016-6-27 Shadowling removed Xhuis KorPhaeron Removal
2016-9-20 Hand of God Mode removed Anturk Cheridan Removal
2016-10-19 Pubbystation added Pubby Optimumtact Map
2016-11-9 Cortical Borers added Uraniummeltdown Optimumtact Addition
2016-12-17 Deltastation added Okand37 KorPhaeron Map
2016-12-20 Efficiency station removed Optimumtact Cheridan Map
2016-12-26 Dreamstation removed Optimumtact Cheridan Map
2016-12-27 Omegastation added Okand37 Optimumtact Map
2016-12-27 Ministation removed Okand37 ChangelingRain Map


Date Change Author Merged By Link Type
2017-2-8 Birdboat Station removed Optimumtact ChangelingRain Map
2017-2-17 Mining Asteroid fully removed Cyberboss KorPhaeron Removal
2017-3-4 New Lighting Engine introduced PJB3005 ChangelingRain Addition
2017-3-29 Cerestation added MMMiracles KorPhaeron Map
2017-4-28 Double Agents removed; Internal Affairs Agents added KorPhaeron Optimumtact Rework
2017-5-6 Cult reworked Robustin ChangelingRain Rework
2017-6-4 Ragin' Mages removed Bawhoppen Anturk Removal
2017-8-26 Cerestation removed MMMiracles Cyberboss Map
2017-9-11 Nightmare Antagonist added KorPhaeron Optimumtact Addition
2017-9-26 Clock Cult reworked Xhuis Optimumtact Rework
2017-11-14 Circuits added Arsserpentarium Ninjanomnom Addition
2017-12-6 Clock Cult reworked Xhuis Optimumtact Rework


Date Change Author Merged By Link Type
2018-1-15 Moth species added Joan et al. Cyberboss Addition
2018-1-30 Cult Reworked Robustin Naksu Rework
2018-2-5 Snowdin Rework MMMiracles Naksu Map
2018-3-1 Antagonist Reputation system added ElfLeaderMike Optimumtact Addition
2018-3-1 Character Traits added Xhuis Optimumtact Addition
2018-3-5 Sentient Disease added Cruix Anturk Addition
2018-5-26 Maintenance Drones removed CosmicScientist Optimumtact Removal
2018-5-30 AI Multi-Camera added Cruix KorPhaeron Addition
2018-9-20 Omegastation removed 81Denton Cyberboss Map
2018-9-23 Economy added Iamgoofball Ninjanomnom Addition
2018-9-24 Assimiliation Mode added Kierany9 Anturk Addition
2018-10-31 Circuits removed Shdorsh Cyberboss Removal
2018-11-28 Ethereal Race added Qustinnus Optimumtact Addition
2018-12-9 Genetics Reworked Time-Green Optimumtact Rework
2018-12-15 Donut Station (re)added MMMiracles Optimumtact Map


Date Change Author Merged By Link Type
2019-2-10 Space Dragon added IndieanaJones ExcessiveUseOfCobblestone Addition
2019-3-7 Hybrid tasers replaced with disablers Actioninja Optimumtact Rework
2019-4-4 Disarms removed; Shoving added Actioninja Optimumtact Rework
2019-5-7 Sleepers removed; Stasis beds added JJRCop ExcessiveUseOfCobblestone Rework
2019-6-6 "Null" Crates removed Plapatin Optimumtact Removal
2019-6-17 Contractor added Akrilla Anturk Addition
2019-6-24 Nonbinary gender allowed Shaps Optimumtact Addition
2019-6-29 Jumpskirts added Twaticus Optimumtact Addition
2019-8-9 Dynamic Mode Added TheChosenEvilOne Optimumtact Addition
2019-10-15 Clock Cult mode removed ShizCalev, TheMythicGhost 81Denton Removal
2019-10-20 Medkit bruisepack + ointment replaced with suture + regenerative mesh Kryson ExcessiveUseOfCobblestone Rework
2019-11-13 Kilo Station Added Okand37 Optimumtact Map


Date Change Author Merged By Link Type
2020-1-5 Roundstart RCDs removed Kriskog ExcessiveUseOfCobblestone Removal
2020-2-2 Prisoner Role added RaveRadbury Optimumtact Addition
2020-2-4 Cloning Removed Kriskog ExcessiveUseOfCobblestone Removal
2020-3-8 Families Mode added Iamgoofball SpaceManiac Addition
2020-3-21 Psychologist added uomo91 81Denton Addition
2020-4-25 "Runechat" added BobbahBrown Rohesie Addition
2020-4-30 Donut Station (re)removed, Kilo initially removed jdawg1290 Optimumtact Removal
2020-5-22 IceBox Station Added WhoneedSpacee Actioninja Map
2020-6-24 Heretic Antagonist added EdgelordExe Nemvar Addition
2020-7-6 Box replaced by Icebox Skoglol 81Denton Map
2020-8-4 Singularity & Tesla Engines removed; TEG admin-only CRITAWAKETS Optimumtact Removal
2020-8-30 Standard Cyborg Removed Timberpoes Mothblocks Removal
2020-11-7 Ninja reworked IndieanaJones ExcessiveUseOfCobblestone Rework
2020-12-9 Kilo (re)added, Pubbystation removed Maurukas Cyberboss Map


Date Change Author Merged By Link Type
2021-2-3 Intent System replaced by Combat Mode Qustinnus Cyberboss Rework
2021-2-4 Dynamic Antag Threat Weight Reworked Mothblocks Kriskog Rework
2021-2-5 Station Traits added Qustinnus LemonInTheDark Addition
2021-2-25 Tourist robots added Qustinnus Anturk Addition
2021-3-11 Tramstation added MMMiracles EOBGames Addition
2021-4-12 Maintenance Drones re-added JJRcop Optimumtact Addition
2021-4-13 Cryo-stasis Pods added Jlsnow31 Mothblocks Addition
2021-4-15 Insulated Gloves now prevent shooting guns Ghilker Mothblocks Rework
2021-4-25 All Gamemodes replaced with Dynamic Mode Mothblocks LemonInTheDark Rework
2021-5-25 Circuits readded Watermelon914 Mothblocks Addition
2021-5-29 Antag Rep formally removed Mothblocks Anturk Removal
2021-7-28 Nanites removed Mothblocks Kylerace Removal
2021-11-1 Radiation reworked Mothblocks Rohesie Rework
2021-11-12 Cryo-stasis Pods removed Timberpoes Armhulenn Removal
2021-12-14 MODsuits added; Hardsuits removed Fikou Mothblocks Rework


Date Change Author Merged By Link Type
2022-1-11 Traitor Rework, Progression Mechanics added Watermelon914 Mothblocks Rework
2022-1-12 Swarmers Removed Jlsnow301 Optimumtact Removal
2022-1-19 Thieves added Armhulenn Mothblocks Addition
2022-2-9 Heretics reworked MrMelbert Optimumtact Rework
2022-4-12 Away Missions (Academy, Challenge, Space Battle, Wild West) removal Mothblocks MrMelbert Map
2022-6-23 Tram Rework KylerAce Optimumtact Rework
2022-7-12 Lavaland Mining Outpost remapped Thunder12345 san7890 Map
2022-7-17 Families Removed SuperNovaa41 Mothblocks Removal
2022-7-20 Papercode Rework Timberpoes Anturk Rework
2022-8-18 Thieves Removed Armhulenn Mothblocks Removal
2022-11-29 Psykers added Fikou Armhulenn Addition


Date Change Author Merged By Link Type
2023-1-3 Shuttle "Bubble" Movement Added Time-Green Jlsnow301 Addition
2023-1-29 Paradox Clone Antag added Shadyyy66 Jlsnow301 Addition
2023-4-13 Northstar Map added Cheshify Optimumtact Map
2023-4-29 Birdshot map added Zytolg EOBGames Map
2023-8-17 RCDs added as roundstart equipment for engineers, nerfed to compensate Mothblocks Fikou Addition

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