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Tattletale, the Nanotrasen AI says:
"Goodness this place is a mess... It's about time somebody swept up!"


I'm currently working on improving the administrative parts of the wiki that I've recently gained access to. This includes the Rules page and Headmin Rulings page. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to hit me up on Discord at draggart#4004.

To Do

- Modernize the front page of the wiki

- Update the rules page (make it all one page with tabs?)\

- Silicon Page

- Make a page that outlines the rules calling Supportmin

- Make a page for the aquarium

- Make the new player guide more useful

- Trim out unnecessary things from AI and Cyborg

- Update Radio to include custom radio emotes

- Update White Ship with new Tram whiteship


- Create a new page for MODSuits!

- Make the Headmin Rulings page less of a shuffled mess

Ongoing Maintenance

I'm trying to keep these up to date, let me know if there's a missing change!

- Guide to food

- Guide to drinks