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Toxins is a section of the Research and Development section of the station, devoted to studying the properties of plasma gas and its derivatives. Toxins is most known for, and most useful for, its ability to produce bombs. Bombs can be used for mining or general destruction(but throwing bombs around as a non-antagonist is a great way to get banned), but mostly they're used at the tachyon doppler array to generate research points and (safely) show off your big explosions to the rest of the station.

Tools of the Trade

In toxins, you'll find a variety of tools and machinery for manipulating gasses. These include gas masks (internals is a good idea), wrenches, RPDs, freezers, heaters, air pumps, portable scrubbers, and bomb making supplies. There's a lot of overlap between toxins and atmospherics in terms of equipment, and proficiency in one is valuable in the other.

The centerpiece of toxins is the burn room. There's a pump to pump things in, and a scrubber that pulls things out. You can use the air alarm next to it to set the scrubber to filter out certain gases. There's a button to make sparks in the burn chamber to start fires, and there's a button to open the chamber to space when things go wrong. Don't cycle the airlock when you're inside, you'll get stuck and die.

What the Hell is a Bomb?

Despite Nanotrasen's position at the bleeding edge of any number of scientific disciplines, its bomb makers are limited to using two gas tanks connected by a pipe. You'll notice a pile of tank transfer valves on a table in toxins. These are the foundations of your explosives. To make a bomb, you click on the valve with two tanks (generally a plasma tank and an oxygen tank)to install them.

Tank Transfer Valve
Tank Transfer Valve
Plasma Tank
Plasma Tank
Oxygen Tank
Oxygen Tank

Now, you need a way to open the valve, preferably from a large distance. Toxins has a variety of triggering devices, and more can be found throughout the station. To attach a trigger device, use a screw driver on the device, and then use the device on your bomb assembly.

Proximity Sensor
Proximity Sensor
Remote Signaling Device
Remote Signaling Device
Voice Analyzer
Voice Analyzer
Infrared Emitter
Infrared Emitter
Health Sensor
Health Sensor

The simplest and safest device is the signaler. You can use it in your hand to set a frequency for it to listen for, attach it to your bomb, and when you're ready to detonate, use another signaler to send a ping on that same frequency.

So, you put your tanks on the valve assembly, attach a suitable trigger, and flip the switch- and nothing happens. What, did you think mixing plasma and oxygen would magically make an explosion?

How to Make Things Go Boom

Toxins bombs really are just gas tanks. All that happens when you open the valve is that the two tanks mix together. Any tank can be used as an explosive if you're clever enough, but the traditional toxins bomb is the easiest to learn.

So what makes tanks explode? Any tank will explode if its contents are pressurized to more than approximately 400,000 kpa.

Important Note about Remote Signaling Devices

Some jokers like to randomly signal the default frequencies of these devices so either before or as soon as you've attached one to a bomb you'll want to open its control panel by clicking it or the bomb in your hand and change the frequency and code so that you don't get a nasty surprise.

Guide to Maximum Capacity Bombing

Ever tried to make max cap bombs and fucked up because you don't quite understand the logistics? Just want to make your bombs better using just ONE SIMPLE TRICK? Do you want to become the station's hero by suicide bombing the guy murderboning with a dual-bladed energy sword? Then this guide is for you. In this guide, I'll explain how I make maximum capacity bombs as well as some of the ideas behind it, so you're not left feeling confused.

Please note that you don't HAVE to do this in the exact order below, but it is recommended.
  1. Grab an Oxygen Canister from Toxins Storage and slap it on a connector near the freezer, and set the temperature to 73.15K or -200C.
    1. (optional) If you have acquired a Rapid Piping Device, either from the Auxiliary Base Construction above Arrivals or Atmospherics, make an arrangement like so [1] using a volume pump so that you can fit more Oxygen in one canister. Also, if you have a Rapid Piping Device, consider using Heat Exchangers for more precise heating. There's a lot you can do with them!
  2. Grab TWO Plasma Canisters and ONE Oxygen Canister. Wrench them into the mixing ports in the Toxins Lab, and unless you fucked it up somehow, ALL THREE Canisters should read 66% Plasma and 33% Oxygen (if you're not sure that it's the proper amount, enable the Gas Scanner on your PDA or use an Analyzer and check the Canisters with it).
    1. Why use 66% Plasma and 33% Oxygen? In the Toxins Lab, you use this specific mixture because there are only three connector ports and it's easy to make (a more efficient mix would be more like 90% Plasma and 10% Oxygen using Gas Mixers), but the basic explanation is that Plasma combusts with Oxygen when heated to at least 373.15K (100C). This heats the Plasma mixture (good for your bombs), but also produces a lot of Carbon Dioxide (does nothing for your bombs). This means you don't want the mix to be too hot, lest you create a dud bomb with almost no pure Plasma in it.
  3. To save time and maximize efficiency, open the INTERIOR door on the burn chamber, and set both gas pumps inside to 4500 kPa.
  4. Unwrench ONE canister of your burn mix, and place it on the INPUT connector port near the burn chamber.
  5. Grab an empty yellow CAUTION Canister and wrench it on to the OUTPUT connector port near the burn chamber.
  6. Turn the INPUT (BOTTOM) valve on. Once the entire burn chamber is filled with delicious, delicious Plasma, you can hit the ignition switch.
  7. This part may confuse some people who are used to heating up their gas for a long time in the burn chamber: When the plasma ignites, check the gas meter on the OUTPUT line (TOP) near the burn chamber until the gas inside reaches 100C, or 373.15K. Then, turn on the OUTPUT valve and let er' fill up your yellow gas canister.
    1. Why only bring it up to 100C, you may ask? There's a very powerful reason for this: This is around the temperature that Plasma and Oxygen will start to combust. Letting the Canister combust inside is much easier to control (you can practically stop it by just wrenching it down on a connector, making it much more stable and allowing you to fine tune it a bit easier), and it goes by much faster than using the burn chamber. You might also be thinking that you could just use the heater to heat a burn mix Canister to 100C, and you're totally right! However, the burn chamber is closer to your canisters and the Toxins Lab anyway, and setting up the heater for use is a bit more annoying than setting up the freezer.
  8. Wait for a little bit while your yellow Canister combusts. Check it periodically with your Analyzer or PDA Gas Scanner. Once the temperature inside reaches 8000 to around 11000C (8000C is preferable but anywhere between is pefectly OK), wrench the canister down on to the connector, and turn the OUTPUT valve off. Now, your heated Plasma canister is ready! Make sure to not unwrench it, or the whole gas mixture will keep combusting and you'll have to try again.
  9. Now, for the important part. By now, your Oxygen canister will have finished cooling. Grab it, and bring it up to the Toxins Lab near your heated Plasma canister.
  10. Then, take a Plasma and an Oxygen tank from the Tank Dispenser, and filter ONLY THE OXYGEN TANK using the Air pump in the Toxins Lab. This is very important: if you filter the Plasma tank as well, the whole mix might not explode at maximum capacity.
    1. Why do you not want to filter the Plasma tank? Think of the Ideal Gas Law. That really hot plasma you've been making actually doesn't contain that much pressure because of the relationship between temperature and pressure, and thus filling a tank full of 303 kPa of 20C Plasma will actually cool it down considerably, and fill it up with more Plasma.. When you connected the yellow Canister, it would have been at around 4000C to 5000C. Once you fill the Plasma tank, the tank will actually only be at 600C and will be full of 80%-97% pure Plasma, which is much better as I explained before (over a certain point, more heat actually hinders the bomb!). However, if you filter the tank first, it will be around 4000C to 5000C and contain mostly Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide, which is considerably worse than if you don't filter it. And on the plus side, it's easier to manufacture six (or more if Cargo complies) of these at once since you don't have to filter the Plasma tank every single time!
  11. Afterwards, set both the Oxygen and heated Plasma canisters output to 1013 kPa, stick the filtered Oxygen tank, and Plasma tank in to their respective canisters, and then open the valve. Once the Oxygen tank reaches 800-1013 kPa, TURN THE VALVE OFF and eject it. Do the same with the Plasma tank.
  12. Now, grab a Tank Transfer Valve and stick both of your tanks on to it.
  13. Decide how you want your bomb to detonate (if you want to attach a Timer, Proximity Sensor, or Remote Signaling Device use the screwdriver on the device to make it attachable and attach it to the Tank Transfer Valve).

Once you've completed this, you'll have an easy maximum capacity bomb in 4-10 minutes! Repeat steps 11-13 with your other Tank Transfer Valves if you wish.

If you're more of a visual learner, I created a quick and dirty speedrun of me making one of these bad boys here [2].

If you want to take your bomb escapades EVEN FURTHER BEYOND, I can give some tips:

  1. The game of creating bigger and bigger bombs is to pack AS MANY MOLES OF PLASMA AND OXYGEN AS POSSIBLE in to each tank. This is why you cool Oxygen and try to minimize heating Plasma.
  2. Think of some ways you can increase the mole count:
    1. In what ways can you pack more pressure in to one tank? Hint: There is a device in the Toxins Lab that lets you do just that.
    2. What's the least you can heat Plasma but still have it explode at maximum capacity (5/10/20) with -200C (73.15K) Oxygen?
    3. How can you apply what you've learned to make the BIGGEST BOOM that is possible?

Do some code diving (and boring MATH) or neat experimenting! The world is your oyster in the game of bomb creation.


  1. Shitcurity MAY kick down your door and harm-baton you for making a bomb even if it's just to blow up Lavaland for PRECIOUS ORES.
  2. If you're not an antagonist and decide to mass bomb the station (or suicide bombing an antag such as a Wizard) you quite possibly will get BANNED!! In an extreme situation such as >90% of the crew dead because of a rampaging wizard, you can adminhelp if it's ok to give it a try, and if you don't receive an answer, presume that it is not ok.

Testing your creations

Test Chamber
The Toxins Test Chamber is the location where all the explosions happen! Unless you’re a traitor, of course.
Observation Room
The observation room.

The Toxins department comes with a built in testing arena! It's great for testing the power and destruction of your newly created bombs. If you go out the right exit of Toxins and continue walking you will find yourself in a small room. The first things you will most likely spot will be the mass driver, the Doppler Array and the observation screens.

The Doppler Array will measure the explosions sizes for any explosions in its facing direction. The main use is to measure the theoretical size of the explosion, which is what the explosion would have been if it wasn't capped. Now, make sure your bomb is completely set-up and double-check it, then drop it on the mass driver and head over to its control. Click on the control and the bomb will be launched into the toxins test chamber. Now head over to the observation screens and click one of them, which will allow you to view the bomb explosion through the test chamber cameras.

This is the recommended way to test your creations. If you decide to test your bombs elsewhere, expect a wave of security to come and beat your ass for destroying parts of the station. Enjoy your explosions.

Using your creations

Please make sure your bombs don't explode this.

Bombs are designed to be used with mining to clear out regular rocks. If you’re a traitor you can also use bombs as a quick way to get the shuttle called, since you'll probably end up with only half a station afterwards.

If you choose to use bombs to EXPLODE Lavaland for ores (or for shits and giggles as a traitor), be wary that LAVALAND DOES NOT HAVE A MAXIMUM BOMB CAP! This means that if you create a beautiful 22/44/88 bomb and detonate it expecting a normal maxcap, it will probably vaporize half of Lavaland, the Mining Station and Gulag, as well as having the nasty side effect of killing you and some poor goliaths.

Final Warning

Seriously, don't go and randomly set these off on the station if you aren't a syndicate or otherwise an antagonistic character, you WILL get job-banned or permabanned.

Don't be this guy

Well, shit.