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While disposals may give the impression of a difficult-to-crack mechanic like atmospherics, as the two are often linked to one another; further examination reveals the truth that disposals can be easily grasped. Once you understand it, one can deftly craft things like:

  • An chute that fires large amounts of debris at a target area.
  • A conveyor-belt room with electrified grilles that can fry someone in an instant.
  • Infinitely looping disposals circuits that cannot come undone.

It's all up to what your mind can come up with!

The disposals systems found on station are fitted with plentiful bins for garbage processing, which lead to the Delivery Office for Cargo Technicians to sort through the debris before it goes to Waste Disposal for recycling and/or jettisoning.


For assembling disposals, you will need One Welding tool of any kind, One Rapid Pipe Dispenser or RPD for short, a Wrench and optionally, a Welding Mask or Oculine

Disposal pipes are as follows:

Trunks: The Foundation to any disposal system, when you make a Disposal system, you MUST use these at the start or else it will not work properly.

Disposal pipe.pngDisposal Pipes: The basic pipes that items or people will travel through. Can be straight or curved 90 degrees.

Junctions: A favorite of people who want to make a good disposal ride, especially bored Engineers. Has two inputs and only one output.

Y-Junctions: An essential in making disposal loops. Has two inputs and only one output.

Sort Junctions: Used by the delivery system to ship packages to designated locations. Only items tagged by a destination tagger that pass the filter will be sorted. In order to set up one placed by your RPD, you must put a destination tag on the pipe, then the pipe will sort wrapped items that have the same tag.

Disposal bin.pngBins: Automatically or manually sends items or people into the connected disposals network. Bins are dismantlable by flushing it, turning off the power then applying a welder and wrench to it before applying an RPD.

Chutes: The personal favorite of any traitorous type who wants to dispose of someone for good without anyone even knowing where they are via Disposal loops or Space launchers. To dismantle a chute, combat mode screwdrive (right click) it from the side or the back, apply a welding tool then apply the RPD

Disposal outlet.pngOutlets: The personal favorite of any wannabe Pirate who wants to make a cannon, with a Multitool, these outlets have three speeds, turtle, bumblebee and bullet with bullet speed embedding things all at once. Keep in mind that these disposal finishes will keep charging as long as you keep feeding sharp, embedding weapons junk into it before it releases everything in one blast.

Example disposal designs

Disposals can come in many shapes and sizes, one disgruntled redshirt may build a disposal entrance and exit into the armory if you're a bit too abusive as Head of Security or Warden.

The Disposal loop: One trunk followed by a Y-Junction and 3 curved pipes going in a circle

The Monkey-trap: one chute followed by a bucklecuffed dead Monkey disposal pipes leading into a sealed room with Reinforced glass and trunk going in the opposite direction than the rest of the disposal design, launching them into into a monkey, which goes back into the exit chute on a conveyor belt coming in and comes out the same trunk, shooting back into the monkey.

Singuloth's Plate: rework disposals going through Engineering to go into the Supermatter, easy and deadly. barely anyone catches on until it's too late.

The Cover-up: make a disposal loop in Maintenance, kill spacemen near it, full-strip them then throw them in before disassembling the chute and covering it up, most people won't know it's there. They might be able to hear it, though.

The Disposal Mine: Make a disposal loop, throw a primed proximity Grenade in it with an arming timer of 30 seconds before disassembling the chute and covering it up, works as an excellent, yet bulky alternative to the under-tile bombs using a smuggler's satchel.

The space disposal: get some Magboots and make a false wall in Maintenance that goes out into Space, add a chute disposal that launches out into space, then screwdriver the false wall when it's closed to make it an actual wall.

Speedy Bounties: did you know you can set up conveyor belts in the cargo shuttle? Clever QMs often create disposals setups that let crewmembers just toss a bounty cube in, and via the network and conveyer belts, it ends up in the cargo shuttle without any human interaction! Bonus points if you create a second disposals system to let you quickly ship crates back out.