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"OH GOD, the station is still creaking from a heavy impact in the port direction. The power is down, coms not responding, the air supply pipe depressurized and I can feel the artificial gravity weakening. The whole department is running around in panic. I’ll just pray that engineers won’t let the engine delaminate." 
- Unknown Author Diary Note
Outside Area
Old Station
(Beta, Charlie, Delta)
An abandoned research station now a shadow of its former self, but with everything necessary to be restored beyond its former glory.
Obvious exits North, south, east, west
Purpose Rebuilding, Exploration
Access level None
Noteworthy contents supermatter shard, sleeper board, various prototype equipments (modsuit, laser gun), old laser guns, protolathe, AI parts, Mosin with ammo, combat knife
Clearance Anyone willing to explore space
Security level None
Style Retro, Abandoned
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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Charlie Station is a long-lost predecessor to Space Station 13, built hundreds of years before the modern station and thought lost. After a malfunction in the station's Artificial Program, the crew were frozen in cryogenics for far longer than expected. This once state-of-the-art research station has fallen into a state of partial disrepair and portions of it have taken on a xenomorph and space carp infestation, though most of its systems remain operational, if depowered.

Dead or ghosted players can choose to spawn at Charlie Station as one of the crew waking up from their multi-century cryogenic sleep, and set out to restore the station. Alternatively, Charlie Station can be stumbled upon and scavenged by ordinary crew.


Main article: Old Cryogenics Pod

Charlie Station is separated into three parts - Beta (Western part), Charlie (Central part) and Delta (Eastern part). The Charlie Wing is where players will first wake up.

From there, you have many options - you can build the sleeper in medbay, you can grow crops in hydroponics, you can put on Void Engineering equipment and go mining, and you can try your hand at cooking in the kitchen. Your imagination (and, probably, round time) is the limit. Rebuild Charlie Station however you see fit, and do what you like aboard it!

Tip: if you're building an AI - you can uploading laws directly to your AI by hitting it with a law board, dont waste your limited resources on AI Upload Board!

Alpha Station

There are only a few tiles left of Alpha.

Former Far Western part of Charlie Station, nothing is known about Alpha part and her mystical disappearance. All known information about Alpha written on two paper scraps, that located on the bridge and in cytology. There is also a guess, that Alpha was a Cargo wing, since "Diary Note" mentions "heavy impact in the port direction". Based on this, we can understand that it was not Supermatter Crystall explosion, who vaporized Alpha, but something much stronger.

Charliepaper1.png Charliepaper2.png

Charlie Station

The Charlie Wing contains a service area for growing and making food, a small security area which contains outdated armor as well as two old laser guns, the station bridge where the lockdown can be lifted. This Charlie Wing is perfectly safe (assuming it hasn't been interfered with by space explorers or space carp) so stay here as long as you like! Crew waking up here should first prioritize generating power and lifting the lockdown - crowbars and bags appear on the bottom left side of the room where you spawn as well as light sources. Your next priority is to get to the bridge to the north and disable the lockdown on the station, and then enter small engineering area. Here you can go into space and set up solar panels for permanent power solution. But make sure that you equipped the Engineering Void Set, you can find it by opening the suit storage with a crowbar. From there, an emergency power generator can be found in small - just wrench it onto the wires, feed it uranium conveniently located in a crate nearby, and switch it on, which should provide you power, which is needed to power the solar consoles (or you can replace the nearby cell in the APC)

Beta Station

The Beta Wing, unlike Charlie, is a more dangerous place due to the lack of oxygen and high pressure caused by holes in the walls, as well as the invasion of space carps. Here you can find big Engineering area with Atmospheric and Supermatter Crystal room, uncharged Gravity Generator, and a small medbay, which includes a board for a sleeper.

Delta Station

The Delta Wing is the most intact (in terms of destruction) part of the station. It contains many important areas for research and development - a chemistry section for mixing your own chemicals, a miniature cytology lab, an overrun AI area for building your own Charlie AI, and by far most importantly the primary research area which contains an ancient protolathe, ancient circuit imprinter, and exosuit fabricator, allowing you to build to your heart's content (as long as you have the materials.) The area also features the prototype laboratory, which has very early versions of many modern Nanotrasen stables - a prototype MODsuit, an early health analyzer, a multimodal energy gun, and even an entire supermatter shard. Do not open the shard crate if you don't know what you're doing. Seriously. Don't do it.

BE CAREFUL, THIS PART IS FULL OF XENOS! You'll have to clear out the Delta Wing from its xenomorph infestation, two laser guns lie in the security area can help you with this task