Coroner Office

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Medical Area
Coroner office meta.png
Coroner Office
An office where Coroner is most of the times.
Obvious exits Through Morgue
Purpose Storing executed antagonists, performing autopsies and dissections
Access level Coroner
Noteworthy contents Operating Table, Skeleton Model, Body Bags, Secure Morgue Trays, Medical Records laptop, Smart Organs Fridge, Dead Chute
Clearance Coroner, CMO, Captain, HoP, Detective, HoS
Security level Medium
Style Morgue
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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The Coroner's Office is a small, enclosed area connected directly to the Morgue. It is part of the Medical department, and under the authority of the Chief Medical Officer.

It is accessible by the Coroner, Detective, Head of Security, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Personnel, with Additional Access to the Psychologist.

It is the workplace of the Coroner, who uses it for Dissections and Autopsies, and hosts Secure Morgue Trays, which are Morgue Trays that starts with their beepers off. Additionally, there is an organ fridge for storing harvested organs, a medical records laptop, and a filing cabinet to keep track of performed autopsies.