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Curators can speak all languages by default due to their many years of study, and pAI can download software that gives them the same but without all of the hard work.

While exploring space, you can also encounter discarded language manuals, which allow you to learn voltaic, nekomimetic, draconic, moffic, or calcic.

Drones native to Kosmicheskaya Stantsiya 13 must often make do with foreign machinery, and have thus come up with a low tech solution to their high tech problems: the Dronespeak Manual. The cover reads: "Understanding Dronespeak - An exercise in futility." The book is written entirely in binary, non-silicons probably won't understand it. Apply book to silicon head.

The Syndicate has streamlined the language learning process as well (see: stole from the drones). Nothing makes you understand Codespeak Manuals like a swift smack to the head.

If you know a language, you can either set your default language in the IC tab Language menu, or preface your speech with a prefix (much like departmental radios!). For example, ".e,b I fear no radiation!" will cause you to speak Calcic over the engineering radio.

Common Languages

The languages of the races that Nanotrasen commonly employs. Synthetic life can understand all of these by default.

Galcom.png Galactic Common

Key: ,0

"Sao chua guang zhan alion pukai hong shanislun e sheng tha. Arnotpoha. Orle lao. Re shan qiang shuaithe are le es."

The common galactic tongue. All races on Nanotrasen space stations speak this language. ...usually. Central Command has been known to hire foreigners from time to time who don't understand Galactic Common.

Galuncom.png Galactic Uncommon

Key: ,!

"Fama tevorega. Kemafofe sejo jadazo ve. Ho va joma dadola. Sajo novo babebe re zaca save sa mo vene ya. Je jabo."

The second-most spoken human language. Spoken primarily by human and felinid foreigners.

Nekomimi.png Nekomimetic

Key: ,f

"Nya hewo kyaa nyan nekochuu etto nyanmunyadesusunemunyaicha uhuhu kawaiimunyachuu kitdesu nyaboop kyaa boop sou."

To the casual observer, this langauge is an incomprehensible mess of broken Japanese. To the felinids, it's somehow comprehensible.

Draconic.png Draconic

Key: ,o

"Ss rueh usuh shzuul lusr sk huro sz uk oru he elolso ar. Rsku suok sz zalo uh iksuah. Rasi si ilro sh sielo. Ek."

The common language of lizard-people and ashwalkers, composed of sibilant hisses and rattles.

Moffic.png Moffic

Key: ,m

"Sekygglitomånkönvii. Detdetdår møtmå. Ån. Gårköndagint. Viitehjaomköntyclaviinæbraånhönledetygglithankäytokmo sek."

The language of the mothpeople borders on complete unintelligibility.

Calcic.png Calcic

Key: ,b

"Ck aaaiskraa. Iskbdspktahskbackwkiskpkraaaaalihsshskacrkmkiswswsiktakdkbkhsaktatakbkisktaktakkclla. Hsla la. Aaa."

The disjointed and staccato language of plasmamen. Also understood by skeletons.

Voltic.png Voltaic

Key: ,v

"Zztbzztbzt vzmzzvzzzpzzzzskzzmmmdzztzzzzp hzz tk vzhzzhzztkshzdzztbzztzshzvztmmmskrrthzzthmmtzdtzdt. Tzpzztztzrrt."

A sparky language made by manipulating electrical discharge.

Machine.png Encoded Audio Language

Key: ,6

"Tzzzwurrboopbeepkssshbeephissbuzz keeyhsshisshsswurrboopdoo wahh. Buzzdoohisshssbeepboopbeepkeeyhss. Tzzzdeebeep."

An efficient language of encoded tones developed by synthetics and cyborgs.

Uncommon Languages

Slime.png Slime

Key: ,k

"Qix quum. Qil qoovol qilzixqr quum. Zaoo qr*vol qil xrim qu-uuzix !qu-uu qil volqu-uu zix."

A melodic and complex language spoken by slimes. Some of the notes are inaudible to humans. Slimepeople can understand the slime language, but can't speak it.

Monkey lang.png Monkey

Key: ,1

"Eek eek oop aak chee aak oop oop aak oop oop aak chee. Chee chee chee. Chee oop aak aak oop aak oop eek eek eek."

Ook ook ook.

Buzzwords.png Buzzwords

Key: ,z

"Zzzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzzzbzzzz. Bzzzbzbbzzzzzzbzzbz. Bzzzzbzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bzzbzbzzzzbzbzzzbzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzbzzzzzzz."

A common language to flypeople and spiders, made by the rhythmic beating of wings.

Aphasia .png Gibbering

Key: ,i

"Hinl. Ughaoeghum n nngho. Mra ghhis ahrinn. N mrhlus e iri nsmamasreih. Ghno r hn. Ssghms h hi. Nreghr. Eunhehro."

It is theorized that any sufficiently brain-damaged person can speak this language.

Offstation Languages

Drone lang.png Drone

Key: ,d

"....||.||.|.....||||.|..|..|.|..||||..|.|||.||.|.|.||.|.||....||.|..|.|||||...||...|.... |.....|||.|.|...|||||."

A heavily encoded damage control coordination stream for drones, with special flags for hats.

Sylvan.png Sylvan

Key: ,h

"Nasyu qip. Maaeobwex tisyudilamel tok. Eresnas aeqedointyuala haqipbalriifalbisvilbisinthaaearasbisalaqeuis. Pii."

A complicated, ancient language spoken by podpeople and other sentient plants.

Golem lang.png Terrum

Key: ,g

"Lo' yahlom nanabokshavulo. Tzalomerevni. Mol nah ' naharshyom' ' imolchahin. Shloimhishra lakal' lirlo hakkas hak."

The language of the golems. Sounds similar to old-earth Hebrew.

Beachbum.png Beachbum

Key: ,u

"Four-twenty triumphant ding epic. Beach epic dah. Rad sick catch chilldah brah tail trim beach pot. Wahwah epicyes."

An ancient language from the distant Beach Planet. People magically learn to speak it under the influence of space drugs.

Mushroom lang.png Mushroom

Key: ,y

"Puffpuffpffpooof puffpiff pff puff pfffff pFfFpuff pfffffpoofpoofpoofpfffff piffpoof puffpuff puff pffpifpafpofpuf."

A language that consists of the sound of periodic gusts of spore-filled air being released. No known species uses this, but there are rumors that Nanotrasen has some massive fungal men hiding away somewhere.

Antagonist Langauges

If you hear someone speaking these, you might want to run for help (or there might be a mischievous miner who found a Book of Babel).

Codespeak.png Codespeak

Key: ,t

"Nettles, hats, vodka and tonic, airlocks, zombies, engineering, Lawyer, petes, Captain, hungry, white russians, Darell Briner, peaceful, drunken blumpkin."

Syndicate operatives can use a series of codewords to convey complex information, while sounding like random concepts and drinks to anyone listening in.

Swarmer lang.png Swarmer

Key: ,s

"D# F D# Eb E E Ab F G G# Db E B G# C F F# Gb C F C# D G Gb Eb F A C Db A Eb Ab Ab D Gb G# G# Db C# D Db E F F# D."

The swarmer language, consisting only of musical notes.

Xeno.png Xenocommon

Key: ,4

"SssSSS SSSsss SSSsssSSSsssSSS sSs sSs sSssssssssss sssssssSsssssSs sSssss sss SSS. SSs SSS SSSsssSSSSSSssssssSSS."

The common tongue of the xenomorphs.

Pirate lang.png Piratespeak

Key: ,p

"Timbers grog scallywag timbers scallywag scallywag matey me matey timbers rum shiver arr bucko bucko blimey shiver."

The language of space pirates. Also for pirate aficionados who don a pirate hat.

Shadowtongue.png Shadowtongue

Key: ,x

"Dashilus'witbal neibahrigher balmuthersudassera gherenf'lah otjibudamjulandash alnef gher. N'wahmorh wahgher. Ujil."

What a grand and intoxicating innocence.

Narsie lang.png Nar'sian

Key: ,n

"Arta'v. Lyr-sas kal'ig btohfara rethrfikk nisha o'nqaragga-qha. D'o nikt'ma kal'uloft vkal ines'btoh ath'dedo tok'nikt."

The ancient, blood-soaked, impossibly complex language of Nar'Sian cultists.