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Giant Spider
Access: None
Additional Access: Wherever you can smash your way into
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Supervisors: The Broodmother, or xenobiologist that made your Broodmother sentient.
Duties: Hunt down those carbons and make massive nests of webbing.
Guides: This is the guide
Quote: Good luck, I'm behind 7000 webs.

Giant Spiders are the worst thing a traitor xenobiologist can release, their sheer numbers and strength alone are enough to overwhelm an entire station. They can also be spawned into maintenance by a mid-round event.


Generally spiders move at a normal speed while in webbing, but are slower outside of webs with some exceptions (scout and viper)

Common Spiders

Name Damage Health Normal Speed Web Speed Abilities Notes
Nurse Spider
5-10 Brute Damage 40 Average Average
  • Spider Healing
  • Sealed Web Production
The backbone of the colony with the purpose of nursing all damaged spiders and expanding the nest, they are often found working inside the colony or healing other spiders in the front lines.
Tangle spider.png
Tangle Spider
1 Brute Damage, 5 Toxin Damage 55 Average Average
  • Self Healing
  • Sealed, Solid, Passage, spikes, Sticky Web Production
The builders of the colony with the shared purpose of expanding the nest they have the ability to fortify it and set traps for intruders, they are often found at the edge of the colony

either expanding or fortifying the nest .

Hunter Spider
15-20 Brute Damage, 5u of Toxin 70 Fast Very Fast
  • Poison Injection
The main infantry of the colony with the shared purpose of hunting prey to feed the broodmother, they are often found outside or in the edges of the colony hunting prey and intruders.
Scout spider.png

Scout Spider

5-10 Brute Damage 65 Very Fast Very Fast
  • Vent Crawling
  • Thermal Vision
  • Spider Report
The informant of the colony with the purpose of alerting intruders and finding prey to hunt and feed to the broodmother, they are often found outside of the nest or in the vents.
Guard Spider
20-25 Brute Damage 160 Slow Average
  • None
The most basic defender of the colony with the shared purpose of protecting the nest and the spiders within, they are often found deep within the colony protecting other spiders or hunting intruders near the edge of the colony.
Ambush spider.png

Ambush Spider

25-30 Brute Damage 125 Very Slow Average
  • Web Sneak
  • Hard Grapple
The sneakiest spider of the colony with the purpose of capturing prey near the nest and protecting the nest of intruders, they are often found in the outskirts of the colony waiting for prey to come near.

Uncommon Spiders

Name Damage Health Normal Speed Web Speed Abilities Notes
Tank Spider.png
Tank Spider
5 Brute Damage 500 Slow Average
  • Self Healing
  • Reflective Silk Screen
The wall defender of the colony with the purpose to absorb damage and keep the nest safe from the enemy, often found in the front lines taking damage self healing and producing special structures to deflect incoming enemy fire.
Breacher Spider.png
Breacher Spider
5-10 Brute Damage 120 Slow Average
  • Turf Vision
  • Solid Web Production
  • Temperature and Pressure Resistance
  • Limb Removal
The most resistant of the colony with the purpose of breaching into other areas equipped with full vision of the surrounding ground and the ability to destroy walls to breach and cover new territory, they are often found outside of the colony in space or within the colonies middle sections destroying walls to cover more ground.

Rare Spiders

Name Damage Health Normal Speed Web Speed Abilities Notes
5-10 Brute Damage 250 Slow Average
  • Common, Uncommon Egg production
  • Sealed, Solid, Passage, spikes, Sticky Web Production
  • Spider Command and Directive
The leader of the colony with the purpose of producing spiders and commanding those spiders, they are often found deep within the nest commanding the colony.
1 Brute Damage, 15u of Venom 55 Very Fast Very Fast
  • Poison Injection
The ultimate predator of the colony with the purpose of hunting prey to feed to the broodmother, they are often found outside of the colony hunting prey.
35-40 Brute Damage 360 Very Slow Average
  • Charge
The strongest defender of the colony with the purpose of protecting the nest and the spiders within, they are often found deep within the colony protecting other spiders or hunting intruders near the edge of the colony.

Special Spiders

Name Damage Health Abilities Notes
Flesh Spider.png
Flesh Spider
10-20 Brute Damage, 5u of Toxin 90
  • Self Healing
  • Poison Injection
  • Sticky Webs
  • Web Spikes
A specialized hunter spider variant produced from the Changeling spread infestation ability. Unlike other spiders, it is self sufficient and can heal by attacking itself. Flesh spiders are hostile to all other lifeforms and can attack discriminately.
Ice Spiders
Varying Brute Damage, Injects Frost Oil Varies
  • Varies
Giant spiders immune to temperature damage, allowing them to survive in hazardous places. These spiders cannot be seen in-game outside of divine intervention.


This is a baby spider, created by egg clusters, hydroponics trays, or strange alien organs. They have a low amount of health and they move around fast, and are sometimes player controlled. They will run around for awhile until they grow into a big spider. They can and most certainly will use vents, so they're very good at not getting killed.

So you're a spider

It seems science has gone too far! The spider will, depending on it's type, either go around killing, or laying eggs for the next generation of killers, or both. Some are better at the former, and others are better at the latter.


Spiders are weak alone and thrive on teamwork there are plenty of strategies you can follow to increase the chances for the colony to survive.

Spider Strategies Team Strategies
Nurse Spider
  • Your flesh is weak, but it's not your strength that matters but your capability to heal others. Stay near stronger spiders to heal them, and use them as a shield from incoming enemies.
  • Webs allow for other spiders to reach battle faster and increase the safety of the nest. Expand the nest while danger is low.
  • Base building with a team of Tangle Spiders - Expand the territory while they make stronger structures to reinforce it.
  • Help your fellow Nurses - Though you can't heal yourself, you can heal each other. Nurses can try to stay near other Nurses in case anything goes wrong.
Tangle spider.png
Tangle Spider
  • You are a living fortress constructor. Fortify the fort and stay out of enemy sight. Let the traps take care of any careless intruders.
  • Although you deal low damage, you deal high structural damage. Use it to destroy doors to build web passages for other spiders.
  • You are able to patch yourself up back to full health. Do so whenever possible, between attacks.
  • Your structure building is essential for spiders to survive in the harsh cold environment of space. Make web passages for other spiders to pass through while simultaneously protecting the colonies atmos.
  • Your spikes can be used by ambush spiders, dragging intruders into them for extra damage.
Hunter Spider
  • You are fast, but not too fast. Don't go out hunting alone too far away from the nest.
  • Your prey will take some time to metabolize your venom - Stall them out until their body succumbs to it.
  • You are faster than the average spider. Use this to help slower folk by dragging more robust spiders into fights with you. Letting them tank the damage can let you live for another day.
  • Listen to the scouts - You will be the spiders into a battle. Work with scouts to find prey for the nest.
Scout spider.png

Scout Spider

  • You are the eyes of the nest. Run around, crawl around vents and inform the nest of any nearby intruders through Reports.
  • You deal low structural damage - Scouting out and opening paths to corpses or weak humans for other spiders to hunt will benefit the colony.
  • You are extremely fast. Use this to drag any injured spiders into a safe area, or into a battle area that requires combatants.
  • Not only are you extremely mobile, you can see all. Use your thermal vision to alert other spiders of nearby intruders to keep the nest a secret for a while longer, or to set up ambushes.
Guard Spider
  • Your damage is strong and your flesh is stronger. Protect other spiders from incoming attacks, and push humans away from the nest.
  • As you can tank plenty of damage, make sure to have a Nurse near you whenever possible.
Ambush spider.png

Ambush Spider

  • You are hard to detect, like a ghost. No one sees you coming through the webs - Use this to your advantage. Pull your enemies close and drag them into the webs to give yourself an advantage in combat.
  • You are extremely slow outside of webs. You should try to stick to the webs.
  • No, seriously, stay in the webs.
  • You are painfully slow outside of webs. If you absolutely need to leave them, try to get another spider faster than you to give you a helping leg, to pull enemies and lead them to their doom.
  • Try grappling into enemies during fights to temporarily stun them. A stunned spaceman is a dead spaceman in melee combat.


The most important thing for spiders is ensuring that there will be another generation for the spiders. If you're just starting out, getting your first kill is the most important part of ensuring the survival of your species as enriched eggs can grow into new broodmother spiders to produce eggs. If you came from xenobiology, follow your directives, damnit! They are your most important objective, more so than other spiders.



Ability Attributes Uses Spiders with Ability


Gives every spider you lay an order to follow. (they are obligated to follow it by the rules) Used to give spiders a purpose as they hatch.

From tips to orders to follow

Midwife.png Broodmother
Command Spider.png


A big message send across all the spiders in big purple text. Communicate to all spiders and send direct orders or inform them of useful information and communicate back to scout spiders Midwife.png Broodmother
Warning A medium-sized message is sent across all spiders as a warning to all spiders in light orange text. Send messages to other spiders by breachers to warn them of break-ins to the nest info of dangerous areas or when breaching into areas. Breacher Spider.png Breacher
Spider report.png


A slightly bigger than average message send across all spiders in blue text. Much like broodmother command but less noticeable used to communicate with other spiders and talk to the broodmother about whatever you have found while scouting around the station. Scout spider.png Scout
Wrap spider.png


Primarily for wrapping corpses and producing enriched eggs, it can also be used to wrap other structures for spider passage like lockers. Although mostly used to create enriched eggs it can also be used to remove obstacles from spiders and instantly kill anything that stays still for long enough. Midwife.png Broodmother
Normal egg cluster.pngAbnormal Egg.pngEnriched Egg.png

Lay Eggs

Creates a cluster of eggs that will almost immediately be able to produce spiderlings that will grow in one minute.

With two variants common egg clusters and enriched egg cluster.

Common egg cluster; Nurse, Tangle, Hunter, Scout, Guard, and Ambush.


Abnormal Egg; Tank, Breacher.

Enriched egg clusters; Broodmother, Viper, and Tarantula.

Midwife.png Broodmother


Placing webbing will have a chance to prevent carbons from moving. Webs can block all projectiles, such as laser shots or shotgun pellets, from passing through them. Increases the speed of most spiders that walk on it naturally necessary for a nest and keeping spiders safe and efficient. All Spiders

Nurse.pngTangle spider.pngHunter.pngScout spider.pngGuard.pngAmbush spider.pngViper.pngTarantula.pngFlesh Spider.pngIcespider.png


Sealed web.png

Sealed Web

Placing a sealed web will grant fast atmos protection into the nest and can only be placed above a normal web with the same health as a one. Weaker and version of the Solid web but you can see through it and is faster to make good for patching atmos or making fast wall defenses Midwife.png Broodmother

Nurse.png Nurse

Tangle spider.png Tangle

Solid web.png

Solid Web

Placing a solid web works much like a wall blocking atmos and vision through it while having 3 times the protection of a web Keeps enemies from looking at the nest and adds an extra layer of protection useful for reinforced the nest and making it harder to break into Midwife.png Broodmother

Tangle spider.png Tangle

Web passage.png

Web Passage

Placing a web passage will let spiders walk through it while keeping atmos inside the nest safe and will still block vision from intruders with 2 times the health of normal webs. Can be used as a way to set an ambush by blocking the vision of the actual number of spiders or what they are doing or as a small defense to spiders below it Midwife.png Broodmother

Tangle spider.png Tangle

Sticky web.png

Sticky Web

Placing a sticky web will stop any non-spiders from walking into it and have an 80% chance to stop projectiles. Has a 20 second Cooldown Incredibly useful to stop people from breaking right into the center of the nest through determination can be hidden below web passages to make it a full spider door or below webs if placed first, it can also be used to trap people inside the places. Midwife.png Broodmother

Tangle spider.png Tangle

Flesh Spider.png Flesh

Web spikes.png

Web Spikes

Placing Web spikes will damage any intruder's legs for 25-30 damage with a max of 50 damage per leg slowing them down as well. Has a 40 second cooldown Great for both intimidation and defense can be placed below webs for an extra damage booster, spiders can also drag enemies into them. Midwife.png Broodmother

Tangle spider.png Tangle

Flesh Spider.png Flesh

Web Carcasss.png

Web Carcass

Creates a carcass made up of webs with 125 health. Able to take up to 5 laser shoots while being able to be moved around. Has a 60 second cooldown. Incredible for defense both to expand terrain and protect other spiders. Guard.png Guard
Ambush spider.png

Web Sneak

Turns the spider into a more translucent version. Combined with its color pallet, makes it nearly invisible inside webs. Grants Ambush spiders with the ability to aggressively pull the enemy, stunning them, Also useful at hiding away from attacks in the chaos, waiting to strike at the perfect moment. Ambush spider.pngAmbush
Nurse mending.png


Healing by touching other spiders. an essential ability for the nest to survive. The main way to heal other spiders. Nurse.pngNurse
Nurse mending.png


Healing by touching yourself. Great for self sustaining one self without the need of another spider. Tangle spider.png Tangle

Flesh Spider.png Flesh

Tarantula.png Tarantulas

Able to soak up enemy fire with its huge health pool, making it a powerful protector role. Stay on the webs and work with the Nurse! They also excel at destroying structures, airlocks, or whatever obstacle may be in its way.

  • Charge - An ability unique to Tarantulas. Activating it allows you to charge at a target at increased speeds. If you hit your target, you'll knock them to the floor. Otherwise, you'll stun yourself.

Fighting the spider infestation

Kill the Broodmothers

Remember, only Broodmother spiders can reproduce. If you kill all of them, you've already won. They are not hard to kill with 200 health it takes 8 lasers to kill them requiring a team effort they are usually in the center of the nest being protected by multiple spiders. They have extremely low damage so dealing with them alone shouldn't be to much trouble. Avoid other spiders if you can, as they're the ones who can wreck you.

Flood with space

Spiders still breathe, which makes getting a spacesuit and removing the station's air pretty viable. Now, obviously, this will incur the ire of your fellow spacemens, so it's more of a last resort. It does do a stellar job of killing spiders, though, as they can't put on a spacesuit. If you want to kill a lot of spiders without also turning your space station into a spaced station, although this strategy serves better per reserved spider areas since they can build web passages and other structures to block space floods.

Avoid webbing

Spider's webbing is their bread and butter. If they can't fight you, which hopefully is the case, the smart ones will recede back into their webbing and taunt you. Don't fall for it! Once you enter the webbing, the spider can destroy you, as you cannot move in some of the bigger webs.

Look at your surroundings

Spider nest tend to be full of unsuspected dangers watch out for web spikes as they can cause big damage without you even noticing them and be especially carful of Ambush spiders they are white and they can turn semi invisible that with their pull strength will send any careless spacemen into becoming spider food.

It's not safe to be alone

Spiders work best as a team and so do you against spiders make sure to bring a fellow comrade to help you deal against these arachnids .

Relevant Code Changes

Commit that added Spiders

#2311 - Added spider meat, meals, and butchering

#5050 - Updates spiders to have full player functionality

#7984 - Reworks the pink/light pink slime line to not be nearly worthless to breed

#54451 - Spider Rework

#75204 - Spider Infestation Balance Rebalance Expansion Part 1

#76692 Spider Evolution - Young Spiders

#77550 Removes Liver Damage From Spider Toxins, Reduces Injection Amount for Tangle Spider

#78705 Spider Infestation Balance Rebalance Expansion Part 2

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