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Generic ninja.png
Space Ninja
Access: None
Additional Access: Basically anywhere
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Spider Clan
Duties: Energy sword everything, nom on electrical wires.
Guides: This is the guide
Quote: Nothing personnel kid.

Space Ninjas are a special type of ninja, specifically one of the space-faring type. The vast majority of space ninjas belong to the Spider Clan, a cult-like sect which has existed for several hundred years. The Spider Clan practice a sort of augmentation of human flesh in order to achieve a more perfect state of being and follow Postmodern Space Bushido. They also kill people for money. Their leaders are chosen from the oldest of the grand-masters, people that have lived a lot longer than any mortal man should. Being a sect of technology-loving fanatics, the Spider Clan have the very best to choose from in terms of hardware--cybernetic implants, exoskeleton rigs, hyper-capacity batteries, and you get the idea. Some believe that much of the Spider Clan equipment is based on reverse-engineered alien technology while others doubt such claims. Whatever the case, their technology is absolutely superb.

The Space Ninja is a midround antagonist that can appear during most gamemodes, with a randomly selected ghost player being given control.

The Way of Ninjutsu


If you're reading this, congratulations! Fortune has decided to turn you into a 26th century agent worthy of the title "ninja". You spawn in space near the station, in a suit of cyberpunk-esque ninja gear which provides your powers, with your trusty energy katana on your belt and a spider bomb in your pocket.

All Space Ninjas spawn with six standard objectives, as well as a seventh to survive until the end of the round. You are not required to follow them, yet your NINJA HONOR demands you try.

Compared to most antagonists, the Space Ninja is geared to be more of a sneaky saboteur than an outright killer. Although you have the means to fight opponents in "honorable" combat, you're given plenty of tools to instead wreak havoc from the shadows.

Your Equipment

As a member of the Spider Clan, your technologically advanced, cybernetically-enhancing suit is everything to you, granting a somewhat intimidating amount of ability icons. The first thing to do as a Ninja is to press the suit icon to Initialize your suit. Doing so takes a few seconds, unlocks most of your abilities, and allows you to select your visual style. Attempting to initialize a suit as a non-ninja is a very bad fun idea.

Each part of your ninja suit provides a different vital function. Your ninja boots act as noslip shoes, your ninja mask gives enhanced vision, your ninja hood prevents the AI from tracking you, and the overall ensemble gives minor armor. However, wearing your suit prevents you from using guns, as you're too cool for that shit. It also doubles as a space suit, because it sure would suck to immediately freeze to death in the airless vacuum of space.

Special mention goes to your ninja gloves, which enable several vital abilities and works like a cryptographic sequencer. Rightclick.pngOrdinary right-click. It doesn't matter if Combat Mode Combat 32.pngEnable with 4, disable with 1 or toggle with F by default. Left-clicking people with an empty hand will Harm Harm 32.png them if on, or Help Help 32.png them if off. Prevents you from switching places or being pushed when colliding with people. is on or not. with an empty hand to use the gloves on certain objects, such as airlocks, APCs or some objectives.

On your belt is your signature ninja katana. In addition to being a powerful melee weapon and looking sick as hell, you can perform a Dash by right-clicking an empty space while holding the katana. Use this to actually reach the station from your starting position, and abuse the fact that you can teleport to any visible location. Dashing requires charges that automatically replenish over time.

You also start with a spider bomb and an ordinary oxygen tank in your pocket. The bomb is used for one of your objectives, and can't be used for anything else. It functions identically to normal C4, but is much, much more powerful, and can only be placed in a specific location. Don't lose it.

One important aspect of being a Ninja is the fact that your suit runs on electricity and consumes it for its many abilities. To recharge your power supply, make sure your gloves are enabled, and touch a power cell, wire, APC, SMES, cyborg, or other electricity-storing object to siphon energy. You can upgrade your maximum power source by enabling your gloves and using a better power cell on your suit torso, so be on the lookout for upgrades.

While your suit generally USED to hold PAIs in it’s main processing unit, it no longer does. PAIs could help out with viewing ninja stats and help their master out with balancing things, but it does not anymore. It doesn’t mean you can’t put one in your pocket though.

Your Abilities

As a Ninja, you have a vast array of useful tricks and abilities to help you fuck with everybody else complete your objectives.

  • Katana: As mentioned, your katana has several vital functions.
    • Rightclick.pngOrdinary right-click. It doesn't matter if Combat Mode Combat 32.pngEnable with 4, disable with 1 or toggle with F by default. Left-clicking people with an empty hand will Harm Harm 32.png them if on, or Help Help 32.png them if off. Prevents you from switching places or being pushed when colliding with people. is on or not. Dash: Holding the katana in hand, you can dash to any visible, empty tile by right-clicking on your destination. You can reach anywhere you can see, including through doors and windows, but dashing is incredibly loud and obvious to anybody watching. Your suit stores three charges of Dash, and you restore them automatically over time, so don't spam them, or you might end up trapped with no escape.
    • Recall Katana: If your katana is lost or stolen, use the Recall Katana ability on your hotbar to warp it back to your hand. The farther away it is, the more energy this costs, and if it's close enough you can damage enemies between you and your sword. The katana also does surprisingly respectable damage when thrown, so consider hurling it at Security and then recalling it when they try to pick it up.
    • Leftclick.pngOrdinary left-click. It doesn't matter if Combat Mode Combat 32.pngEnable with 4, disable with 1 or toggle with F by default. Left-clicking people with an empty hand will Harm Harm 32.png them if on, or Help Help 32.png them if off. Prevents you from switching places or being pushed when colliding with people. is on or not. Attack: Also, it's a sword. You can murder people with it by clicking them.
  • Ninja Gloves: Your ninja gloves, likewise, have many important abilities, used by touching things with your bare hands. Used with right-click.
    • Recharge your suit by touching an APC, SMES, wire, battery, etc with your bare hands. You must stay still to siphon electricity, and it produces a lot of noise and visible sparks. Using this on an APC visibly hacks it, which will inevitably lead to accusations of the AI being malfunctioning.
    • Touching any door permanently hacks and opens it, as if it were a traitor's Airlock Authentication Override card. This has a low cooldown and unlimited use, and one of your objectives requires you to bust open a specific amount of doors. Open up all the vital, high-security areas on the station, or just open all the external airlocks! Keep in mind that if you hack a door that's bolted closed, it will remain bolted and become essentially unopenable without heavy force or deconstruction.
    • You can shock and stun enemies for 3 seconds by touching them with your gloves. An important part of combat, especially since your stealth lets you sneak up to unaware crewmembers.
    • By touching a cyborg and remaining uninterrupted for six seconds, you can convert the cyborg to your side. This can only be done once, and is one of your objectives.
    • Likewise, using your gloves on a communications console and a security records console is necessary for your objectives. See below for details.
  • Suit Powers: Finally, the suit offers several miscellaneous abilities.
    • Phase Cloaking allows you to become nearly invisible by toggling it on your hotbar. Invisibility steadily drains your energy, but even with a base cell, you can afford to run around invisible for quite some time without using other abilities. Beware that taking damage while invisible disables your suit powers for 5 seconds, including the invisibility itself!
    • EM Burst is a simple EMP in a large area around you, with the usual EMP effects. Cameras are disabled, cyborgs are stunned, energy weapons are drained and more. Use it in a pinch, but be aware it has a very hefty energy cost if you haven't upgraded your battery.
    • You can create throwing stars in-hand at will. These stars are cheap to make, embed in your opponents, and deal constant stamina damage. Throw one at a lightly armored target, and you'll have a much easier time escaping or fighting them.
    • Energy Net is used to trap a target in a green net. The net itself is destructible, and your target can and will slowly bludgeon it until they're free, so use it to disable people in one-on-one encounters. Ninjas used to be able to send netted crewmembers to eternal weeaboo purgatory the Dojo, but it was destroyed in a freak carp accident and is no longer available.
    • Adrenaline Burst lets you instantly remove slowing and stunning effects, as an emergency panic button if you find yourself losing a fight. You can only use this ability once before it must be refilled by using a container of 20u radium on your suit, and using it injects 5 radium directly into your bloodstream, so only use it in an emergency.
    • You have a built in self destruct bomb that can be manually set off any time you decide being a ninja sucks and you'd rather just die. Ideally, you should never push this button. The bomb will also go off if you're killed, to protect the ninja secrets of your clan, and also to make sure nobody takes your sick boots.
    • Finally, your suit lets you check your own health and status anytime.

Your Objectives

Ninjas always spawn with the same seven objectives (unless admin tomfoolery is afoot), and must use their wits, tools and skills to complete them. Or just fuck around opening every door on the station, and then teleport into the turbine and die.

  • Convert a cyborg to aid in sabotaging the station. Using your ninja gloves with Special Interactions enabled, you can convert any cyborg by touching it and remaining still for six seconds. It's highly recommended to use your EMP to stun one long enough to do it, and make sure no crewmembers are around to interfere. If you succeed, the cyborg will nosily be transformed into a randomly-selected Syndiborg model (assault, medical or saboteur) and given equally nefarious laws. The resultant borg will essentially become an antagonist on its own, and can be left to its own devices once you're finished with it. Only one cyborg can be converted per round, so pick wisely, although you can still convert deactivated cyborgs or AI shells if you just want your greentext.
  • Steal X research nodes. Unlike a normal traitor, you don't have to fuss with technology disks to do this. Simply make your way to your friendly neighborhood RnD server (typically found on the bridge or in Science itself), and touch it with your gloves to begin downloading the data. You can only steal research the crew has actually unlocked, so consider doing this last if nobody's been researching, or even spending the research points yourself with the console.
  • Doorjack X doors on the station. Again, touching any door with your gloves lets you permanently hack it open, and you have a quota of doors to break. You can easily meet this by safely cracking open all the maintenance doors, but if you want to cause real trouble, seek to break open the entrances to vital areas like the bridge, Security, Engineering, or the AI's upload. People will quickly realize a Ninja is on board if they find a massive amount of broken doors, however.
  • Detonate your spider bomb in a specific location. You're given a specific room on the station, and have to plant the bomb in your pocket there. You can only plant the bomb in the designated spot; use it in-hand to set the timer if you'd like, put it on any wall or floor in the right room, and then run before it goes off. The blast radius is significant enough to seriously damage the area, and the difficulty of this objective varies depending on how accessible the target area is. It is very loud, so almost everyone will realize that someone bombed that area. This provides a great distraction.
  • Set everybody to arrest. By using your gloves on any security records console, you will begin to use your elite ninja hacking skills to access the security database. This process takes 20 seconds, and any active AIs will be alerted of your intrusion as soon as you begin, so make sure you're safe before starting! Once the process is complete, the security console's window will pop up, but your job is finished once the progress bar is complete, and everybody on the station will be set to Wanted, resulting in a headache for the AI and annoyances for everybody who walks by Beepsky. Remember that most stations have records consoles in the security posts in the various departments, so find an out of the way one if possible.
  • Call in another threat to the station. Just like the above, you can hack into a communications console by touching it with your gloves and remaining still for 20 seconds, with the AI being alerted. This time, if you manage to hack in, you'll instead trigger anther side antagonist, ranging from pirates to swarmers to Space Dragons. The crew will be alerted of the incoming threat, but whatever side antag you summon is likely to be a bigger round ender than you are, and proves an excellent distraction from your ninja activities.
  • Survive until the end. You wouldn't be a very good ninja if you died, now would you?


  • It's a good idea to upgrade your power cell at the earliest opportunity.
  • Sometimes, you shouldn’t have to kill people. Be quiet as a mouse, and if anyone spots you, then they may consider keeping you a secret in exchange for you sparing them. After all, you ARE a ninja.
  • Want to capture someone, but can't find any non-lethal weaponry to subdue them with? Make some cable coils into cable restraints, then use your gloves to stun them while you cuff them. Use your EMP ability to disable their radios and prevent them from calling for help.
  • You siphon the most power per tick from highly-charged SMES units.
  • If the communication computer is guarded by security or command, you can perhaps break into Secure Tech Storage to make one. The doors may be bolted by the AI, though, but there’s options to subvert them. As a alternative, your friendly borg you just hacked may be open to collaborating with you to unbolt the doors.
  • Darkness is your ally. The night vision goggles on your face can be your most potent weapon.
  • Adrenaline Boost should only be used in absolute emergencies.
  • Your energy katana doesn't stun on the first hit, but your hands do.
  • You'll have to eat often, since moving one step increments your hunger, and Space Ninjas move at a blistering fast pace thanks to their ninja shoes.
  • Eating requires you de-initialize and remove your suit, which is a lengthy process during which you will be vulnerable. Stock up on high-quality food from the chef -- it's not common knowledge, but eating healthy food gives you a healthy metabolism, which makes you have to eat less and will also decrease the effects of the radium from the Adrenaline Boost ability.
  • Beepsky will mess you up. EMP him.
  • Being a Space Ninja is a careful balancing act of simultaneously paying attention to your objectives, your health, your nutrition, your suit's power level, and other resources. Make sure to take a look at your status once in a while, and maybe go off station for a bit to eat the foods you stole from the chef.
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