Veteran Security Advisor

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This is a Trait Job! This means that it can only be meet if station got a trait for spawning them, otherwise they are not meet in most rounds and weren't meant as a round-to-round job.

Veteran Security Advisor.png Veteran Security Advisor ACTION.png
Veteran Security Advisor
Access: Security, Brig, Bridge, Holding Cells, Courtroom, Weapon Permit
Additional Access: Maintenance
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Head of Security
Duties: Advise HoS and Captain on Security matters. Mentor and teach new Security Officers.
Guides: Guide to security, Space Law, Guide to Trials, Guide to the Labor Camp, Chain of Command
Quote: Back in my day's we threw those pesky Tiders out of the airlock!

Back in 2285 the Security force was like no other... and you're here to remind the new generations on how the shit was done! To play Veteran Security Advisor you need to have minimum 100 security hours.

As a Veteran Security Advisor (VSA) you're here to be a voice of logic and strategy for Head of Security and Captain who can be more green then a Assistant. Beside that, you also must train any new Security Officers to make sure they will grow Robust and not Shitcurity.

You're bound to a wheelchair and are suffering PTSD which fully desensitized you from emotions and also causes hallucinations.

Note: You do not outrank Head of Security! Even if he has less experience then you.

Bare minimum requirements: Tell HoS and Captain if any of their ideas are stupid. Don't train Security Officers to harmbaton everything slightly suspicious.

Senior Enlisted Advisor

Your main objective is advising HoS and Captain on Security matters. Your experience should show yourself here!

Its not unusual for Command Staff to be rather new to their jobs, and you're more competent then them right?

Sometimes you will have to explain the most basic stuff to them, but more advanced knowledge can be a key to victory!

Drill Sergeant

If you think Command is incompetent then you can probably understand what's going on with Security.

Most Officers are incompetent, but they all are incompetent in their own ways. There is a few types of Officers you will encounter:

Name Difficulty Showcase Quote Main Problems How to Solve
New Officer Easy New officer.png "where i charge the batong?" Most widespread. Will cause a lot of friendly fire. Will lose their weapons to a Clown. Reliable as a broken chair. New Officers aren't trying to be malicious so we should not be screaming at them. Calmly teach them everything they should know. If you can, attach them to a more competent Officer so they won't die horribly.
Lawyer in Disguise Medium Lawyer officer.png "No you can't arrest this Wizard! He didn't kill anyone yet!" Thinks he is smarter then everyone else because he read Space Law. Won't listen to orders if they deem them "breaking" the Law. Will attack fellow Officers for ""justice"" in middle of heated situations. Explain them that Space Law is just a book of guidelines and not strict rules, they must be followed only in good faith. Most of the times they actually think they are doing the right thing. Condemn them for attacking other Officers, tell how most important weapon of Security is teamwork. If they keep causing issues - tell HoS to demote them.
Negligent Officer Medium Negligent officer.png "Whatever" Doesn't care about criminals running rampant. Chills at Bar while Captain is getting murdered. Has no respect for his duty at all. Wave the "Dereliction of Duty" law in front of their face, 9 out of 10 times they will leave the department themselves just for the sake of feeling in control. But be aware that mostly likely they will leave with all of their gear on them and refuse to give it back, as such be ready to catch their ass unless you want to have a tedious manhunt,
Silent Officer Hard Silent officer.png "..." Doesn't talk or listen to radio. Mostly likely a lone powergamer. Will die alone in maintenance. Really not a lot you can do with them. If they are being silent just due their attention span being of a Clown - try to tell them about that. If they are just playing a "lone predator", they will likely die, but there's not really anything you can do.
Shitcurity Hard Shitcurity.png "IF HE STILL BREATHES - HE DIDN'T LEARN HIS LESSON" Kills people instead of arresting. Doesn't care about Space Law or any authority. Uses their powers and tools to abuse all of the crew. Destroys trust between Security and Crew. Warn them first, if they continue being a pain in the ass, then you can ask the HoS to demote them.

(Being a Shitcurity doesn't only thread Space Law, but the Holy Rules themselves!)

Note: Those actually are not solid archetypes, but more of a set of mistakes that Officers can make. There can be a New Shitcurity, or Negligent Lawyer!

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