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This is a Trait Job! This means that it can only be meet if station got a trait for spawning them, otherwise they are not meet in most rounds and weren't meant as a round-to-round job.

Bridge Assistant.png Bridge Assistant Action.png
Bridge Assistant
Access: Bridge, EVA, Gateway, Maintenance, Teleporter, Weapon Permission
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: Captain, otherwise other Heads
Duties: Help Captain and Heads in their jobs, fetch coffee, protect the Bridge
Guides: Chain of Command, Guide to construction, Guide to Combat
Quote: Are you sure you want to do this Captain?

You are the Coffee Bridge warrior, master of consoles and protector of the fire axe. Basically your job is to assist Captain and sometimes other Heads on whatever they need help with, while also defending the Bridge. You don't have any real authority.

Bare minimum requirements: Follow Captain orders and don't leave the Bridge for too long

The Bridge Officer

As a Bridge Assistant you will and should spend most of your time at Bridge.

Bridge is one of the most secure areas of the station, mostly used by Heads and Captain to communicate or hide against angry mobs. Bridge also houses array of useful tools and consoles, which makes it one of the prime targets for intruders.

Protecting the Bridge

You must make sure that Bridge is secure and no unauthorized crew gets in.

You spawn with a mini-energy gun and a flash, you also can always find handcuffs at Bridge. Using these weapons make sure to kick out anyone breaking in or who already broke in. In case situation is dire you can always lockdown the Bridge. And don't try to use the fire axe against intruders, your hands are too weak to use any items that require 2 hands to handle them.

Please note that you're not a Security Officer, and you should not care about pursuing people outside of the Bridge!

Maintaining the Bridge

Bridge being one of the central areas on the station and as well a target for many criminals makes it common for it to get into disrepair.

As such you spawn with a full toolbelt to repair anything broken. Usually the prime things you will fix are windows, airlocks, and consoles.

Your toolbelt also spawns with a inducer, its really useful to charge up the APC when Captain needs to use the Communication Consoles during a power blackout.

Manning the Bridge

You will spend more time at Bridge then even Captain, so you must take a use of that!

Bridge has tons of consoles that you can use to support the Command. For example:

  • Update Security records of criminals talked about so much between HoS and Captain
  • Watch Suit Sensors and notify when any of the Heads start mysteriously dying
  • Send Announcements via Requests Console (on the wall) regarding important information to the crew
  • Buy Goodies and other stuff from Cargo to upgrade the Bridge

An Adjutant

Assisting the Captain is job of all of the Heads of Staff, primarily Head of Personnel, but most of the times all of the Heads are too busy with their own Department affairs or something else.

Due this you're the Right-Hand-Man of the Captain, assisting him with anything he needs help with.

Remember to keep up good communication and relations with the Captain, or else you find yourself bringing more of nuance then assistance to his already stressful job.

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